Trapped In A Box

The theme for today’s picture blog is Trapped In A Box.

Friday, 4th March

An innocuous Japanese stuffed toy shows where he needs his Tee-Pee.

Saturday, 5th March

The fishtank, also known as the Xfresh Headquarters, undergoes renovation. We vacate the place and stick an “Out To Lunch” sign. My idea. 🙂

This was my desktop.

We moved to the small conference room upstairs. Major fire hazard. At least we are warm and cosy inside, with the heat of monitors to keep us from cryogenic preservation.

The cameraman makes a cameo.

Sunday, 6th March

My old strings were rusting, so I got yet another Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky set. Yeah those that have the smooth bending light .009 strings and have three heavier ones from the .046 end. But hey, check out the light that shines through, under the bridge.

I went freeloading at Fitness First, Wisma Consplant with Leech.

“Er, I’m here for my free trial.”
“Who referred you?”
“Some guy named Aaron… he said he’d call back on Friday to confirm but he didn’t.”
“Oh he’s not in today so why don’t you just come in? Here’s your visitor pass. Feel free to explore the facilities.”

And so, I walked in with no identification whatsoever.

I tried the treadmill, finding 5 kilometers per hour to be a drag. 10 was proper haste, while 14 was a good run. I stepped aside to the side to max out the speed and see how fast it could go, when a guy tapped me on my shoulder… shocking me.

I thought it was a guard about to tell me off. “Oi jangan main main niii… nanti jatuh baru tau…

It was Yit Weng, thankfully. We then met up with Leech for Body Combat class, a class of uncoordinated men and women kicking and punching air. It also featured the fat screeching voice dude with a top that exposed his unsightly belly. I say top and not shirt because it was feminine. Well, at least you know that after a while, these people will look better, right?

Leech: “My friend says he’s been here a while, and they’ve only seen him get fatter.

I looked at Leech, and she was flushed red. She looked at me and said I didn’t sweat. Which really, was because of a loose shirt that fooled everyone! On a side note, I think I sweat less than the average guy and thus do not stink when I’m overnighting. Yes girls that means you can bring me home.

I then went into the sauna with the only guy I knew was straight – Yit Weng. Just in case. Even if he wasn’t well we’d be too embarrassed to face each other in the office, yes? I only felt the heat on my nose. I didn’t feel as sweaty as the other dudes looked, but a touch of myself (er… I mean, I touched myself… er, I mean, I felt my hand) proved that I was indeed damp. We sat a full ten minutes and I came out unsatisfied. Is that what you call hot? My mom’s Perodua Rusa is almost as hot inside, with the engine being in the middle and all. The only sign that I’d been in a sauna was that my lips were very salty.

So Leech and I went for an un-hot flaming hot peri-peri at Nando’s for a long chat that will remain undisclosed. Timely indeed that Hanna and Nabila would call and land in Subang Parade themselves, where I took this picture of a lamppost near Secret Recipe (ISO settings 50; it’s not as dark):

An ATM machine runs on Windows 2000 and has a corrupted file.

Monday, 7th March

This was what was left of the server room behind the Xfresh Headquarters. The racks have since been cleared off, leaving a nice security-camera-less room to chill in.

The floor panels can be opened! How cool is that? It would make a nice place to stash your weed.

Shaz and I went to watch Hitch. Major inspirational movie. Anyway he forgot to look up an exit in the One Utama parking lot!

We reversed, drove around to find a guard to open it, and found this poor sod trying his luck. No sir it does not have an automatic sensor. A guard finally opened it for both cars. 🙂

Tuesday, 8th March

Aini Nadia, beloved Xfresh Street Surfer, gets trapped in the back of the Xfresh Street Surfers Proton Arena… with the keys.

Um gee, how do we open this? Clockwise or anti-clockwise?


Wednesday, 9th March

I did it again. I bought another car.

An all-American Corvette Z06. In blue.

With red leather seats.

The Transformer Alternator, Autobot Tracks, looks sleek but his legs aren’t as poseable as Meister‘s.

Look who’s the poser now.

Thursday, 10th March

Shisha! Ask me for videos of me playing the malfunctioning robot. We were at bird-shit-land Rasta’s in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, smoking up what was still legal and apparently not proven unhealthy yet.

Saturday, 12th March

Well I’ll be. Something smaller than a Reduced Size Multimedia Card. The TransFlash, a wee 64 Megabyte midget that fit in Jerry‘s Motorola E398. Obviously my RS-MMC wasn’t in the picture as it was in the camera taking this picture, yes?

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  1. Reta Post author

    uh hum, working for xfresh ya? I was there last yr. I thought I wanted to write for them but i felt it was all too kiddy kiddy for me. I was the eldest amg the crew!
    btw i replied your ques in my blog hehe

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