I Deserve A Star For This

What if… according to the stars, we are not meant to be?

So that sentence was nicked from my friend’s nick.

Sagittarians are freedom-loving, fun-loving… I don’t think I could deal with that, being insecure and all.

So that sentence was nicked from a voice in some girl’s head.

What is it with girls and horoscopes?

So I was in MPH with this chick, who looked for horoscope books for my sign – Sagittarius. We found that it was harder to find than books for any other horoscope, even in the same shelf. That could mean that:

– Sagittarians don’t give flying horse manure about horoscopes, so Sagittarius books don’t sell. Yes I asked some female Sagittarians as well.
– girls are too busy buying Sagittarian guys Sagittarius books, so they can tell us to read yesterday’s prediction and see how supposedly accurate it is… so that we may believe!

I haven’t been getting Sagittarius books, so I decided to call upon Google to prove my first theory. I searched for each horoscope (the word ‘horoscope‘ was added to avoid searching for testicular cancer as well).

Sorted in most popular order:

Results 1 – 10 of about 1

8 thoughts on “I Deserve A Star For This

  1. tech Post author

    a friend of mine have the explaination for this, "most sagittarians are born out of pure love. because most of them are conceived on Valentine’s day. the day most ppl had sex." oh well. lucky he’s not a scientist after all.

  2. disco-very Post author

    oh my god that valentines theory actually makes sense… never thought of it that way.

    i do believe horoscopes personalities are true in a few aspects, although i can never grasp the logic of freakily accurate categorization of traits purely by separation of dates.

    I was born on the same day as Britney’s.
    Long live Saggis! Or is that Sagis? crap.

  3. xen0s Post author

    woohoo! librans rank 6th..and suprisingly with 777k searches and 7 happens to be my lucky number 😛

  4. Zeb Post author

    Of course we have 3 times the amount of pages…how else would the other star signs worship us? Bow to us, BOW!!!

  5. nabz Post author

    The reason why topics on Leo is because ppl under this sign are attention-loving-spotlight-craving-drama-creating ppl. And people who know them knows a book on their star sign would interest them the most as it is yet another stroke to their egos. Oh, and of course some of them go out and buy for themselves too. And these are the ppl tht would most likely create and go to these sites anyway. So there. Oh, before any Leos out there get offended, I know wht im talkin abt k. Cos I’m one. HAHA!~


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