Gore Ring

I bumped into my cousin at this gig, where he asked if I was playing. “Nah I don’t even have an electric guitar!” Fate would be that his old one was lying in a cupboard, so I borrowed his.

This is not a floating bridge. I had trouble with the 2nd string, where the ball end of the string was stuck in the back of the bridge, “a common problem with Yamaha electric guitars.

Smokin’ pot. The volume was a tad crackly around 6-9. It works nice at 10, but we know it was meant to be turned up to 11.

Make a selection with the pickup selector. I found it best at positions two and four, in between any two pickups.

Not outback jack, output jack. Grime is not a crime.

Let’s get behind her neck. Her head was dyed purple.

Look ma, no strings attached! Of course, I got the 8-38 gauge ones. Beautiful. One-finger full-tone bends. However, the .008 string was too light and you could barely hear it when shredding with distortion, or tapping for that matter.

Fear of the dark… Fear of the dark! I like this picture because of the sticker there, and the darkness behind it.

Fret not.

I didn’t know that an electric guitar had a longer scale length than an acoustic. A cool trick to getting an acoustic tone, or at least to amplify the electric guitar without electricity, is to play the electric guitar while having its body touch the acoustic guitar’s body. Ooo how perverse. For best results, place them back to back, with the acoustic guitar facing your body. You will feel the music.

For a demo of me playing the same bad music, but amplified, invite me to a MSN Messenger audio chat. Okay so it isn’t any louder since the distortion effects on the SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 soundcard don’t come out on audio chat, but it gets higher pitched since I have no cutaway and more frets to play with.

6 thoughts on “Gore Ring

  1. tIcKLe`Me Post author

    harlow albert. of course i knew who you were. the dude from x-fresh, ya? haha. and u were wearing the hitz.fm t-shirt. took me a while to figure out who that familiar dude is and well, found out after my friend told me about your comment. nice meeting ya.. unofficially though. hiaks 🙂 t.cares!

  2. dave Post author

    that looks like a yamaha pacifica? or is it not? btw, why don’t you make a demo since you have the ax right now and share it with the world? 😉

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    dave: My friend guesses that it’s a Yamaha EG112. I’ll record one when I have the time. 🙁

    tIcKLe`Me: Hello! I shall ask Jason if we’ve met.

  4. eu gene Post author

    yooo… cool guitar.. n like syep, i’m also interested in the pups.. no pole pieces wei.. interesting. are they stock?


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