Metal Matters

William and I caught Latte@8 at Sunway Pyramid’s Starbucks last Thursday.

We were pleasantly surprised to find one of the guests as Sharifah Amani, co-star of the acclaimed-by-everybody except-me-because nobody-is-able to-watch-it-with-me Sepet.

Frequency Cannon. (That’s who I was here to see.) You don’t see it, but Yuri seems to have contracted Siva’s detaching-guitar-strap syndrome!

So I may have bumped into Becky, a famous blogger, and not had the guts to say hi and make the world a better place by letting a famous blogger know that yes, a famous blogger can be recognized just like any other form of celebrity should.

I honestly like the Proton Gen 2 design (and most of the colors!) I think it’s sleek. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, someone adds to it!

I bought this second-hand from DJCS. On the left, a Sparkle GeForce 6600 GT (500/900) 128MB AGP card; on the right, my old Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro (200/400) 128MB AGP card. The Radeon 9600 Pro would replace the GeForce 2 MX I bought from Syefri on the Athlon XP 1800+ machine; the GeForce 6600 GT would sit in my Barton XP 2600+ baby. Rates? Here goes techie numbers quick: UT2004 Flyby, 165 fps; botmatch 57 fps; Doom 3 High Quality 67.6 fps; Quake 3 Max Quality 228 fps; 3D Mark 2005 3185 marks; 3D Mark 2003 7089 marks; 3D Mark 2001 13043 marks. Quick go out and buy lottery numbers. Yeah 3D Mark 2001 was disappointing; 13043 marks was something a Radeon 9700 could do! However, its performance in 3D Mark 2003 was leaps better than my Radeon’s 2589 marks.

Heavy metal guy would consider this torture. Heavy metal runs in my veins, baby! It makes for my magnetic personality!

Presenting the new Calzone, from Pizza Hut – pizza on the go. A regular-sized pizza folded into a handy taco shape. Pizza Hut is under the same stingy company that hold Ayamas Roasters and KFC, but they do not suffer from food miniaturization! Shown is a AA battery in scale. No I do not eat batteries. I am not a robot. Do not eat batteries, even if you think you are a robot. Batteries will corrode your tin can soul.

Speaking of robots, here the Autobots gang up on a Decepticon I couldn’t resist getting as it was fresh on the shelves.

Barricade, the center piece of the Transformers Energon series combiner Bruticus Maximus poses, terrified.

He is an excellent, well-articulated tribute to Onslaught (that Transformers Generation 2 yellow dude), original center piece of Bruticus.

I misplaced Onslaught’s original cannon accessory.

No, Barricade isn’t that short when his cannons are folded out.

He is also the same size as the powerlinking Transformer Energon series. Spot the Decepticon!

Here is the armless, legless wonder of the 20th century!
As center pieces, Onslaught and Barricade are vital. You just can’t buy the arms and legs and superglue them together.

Barricade makes a pretty totem pole.

Barricade is really my new favorite Transformer Energon figure. He’s not limited in articulation in any way compared to other Energon figures which had niggling features like legs that can’t bend at the waist, or shoulders that can’t extend… Barricade also has a solid look and feel, and every joint and flap locks into place. RAWR.

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  1. tIcKLe`Me Post author

    aww… ive been glamourised here.

    im not famous la, albert. i just happen to know the people you know. hiaks. *blushes*

  2. YK Post author

    hey you can actually remake a Bruticus by getting the tank , the chopper, the jet from Superion and a construction vehicle from Buildtron as a makeshift jeep.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Paul’s New Place Saturday 23rd April 8pm RM15
    D_Va, James Woon, Lied, SaerZe, Soft Touch, Cats In Love, Love Me Butch

  4. tIcKLe`Me Post author

    hey albert, uve got quite alot of visitors too eh? i get alot of hits from your site. hehe. thanks :"P


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