Feet Delay Music

I did not bother counting how many performances of different kinds are on, but the Fete De La Musique 2005 (French for Festival of Music) is sure to be a blast. Loads of unheard-of bands and drum circles and didgeridoo horn squads and percussion and dance and dikir barat and rastas. And then some bands. Uh yeah. For free. Plus a certain Japanese girl and everybody’s favorite Indian are emceeing.

Of course, with such massive plans, many things will go wrong, but hey I liked 2003’s and 2004’s because of the sheer number of people I could bump into and the T-shirts I could get for free. Plus, for those with short attention spans, they could just walk on to the next performance spot.

Saturday 18th June is the day to be at One Utama’s Rainforest, while Sunday 19th June is the day to be at Bintang Walk. (Of course it also runs on Sunday at One Utama but Bintang Walk is much more fun!)

It goes without saying that I’m going on both days. Hope to bump into you there!

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