Not Bat, Batter. Batterest!


Batman Begins is the ultimate prequel.

You know how say, a Movie #1 has the discovery and rise of a hero? And then Movie #2 and #3 are plodding by because the hero is already oh-so-great and established, and it never lives up to Movie #1’s expectations?

This is the bestest Movie #1. I’d put my grammar on that.

Everything is explained. If something doesn’t make sense, it will, later. The beginning started with cool comic-book-deep monologue, but not too draggy, and action, but not too draggy either. It wasn’t till the end that the ridiculous Batman-grandeur supervillian plan was hatched, but by then, you kinda dig the bad guy’s goatee too much.

Yes, Jayaram, I might just take your advice. If only I had a white goatee.

Plus the show has very little soppy uncalled-for love action, and none of that fad-ish hip hop music. Play spot-the-Senator-and-Magneto-lookalikes from X-Men!

Of course, many many thanks to Lex (who is guestblogging on Pennypupz and I’ve updated links in my About Me! page). Yes she is a real person and very much animate (and a bit too animate at times) despite me seeming not to reply to her comments. Also thanks to Leech who finally leeched a free ticket off me, for making a few wrong turns and parking in reserved spots, (well it’s not reserved after 6pm but who reads signs?) and for giving me a lift.

And no, watching any other Batman movie will be a major letdown, so if you’re going to see Batman Begins, every other one will be spoiled, which isn’t a bad thing because few liked Batman Forever. The rest will merely be superhero flicks.

My MSN nickname is now:
I’d eat guano to make sure you watch Batman Begins. It’s that awesome.
Which has some continuity with:
If you have any poo, fling it now. (from Madagascar, a light-hearted 3D cartoon. Why didn’t they have any lemur merchandise anywhere? Ali G rocks!)

Oh and on Sunday I went for Peter Tan‘s blog meet a bit late, at 2pm, but sorry man, Batman diverted my blogging euphoria so uh… you can read about it on his blog and the links there.

8 thoughts on “Not Bat, Batter. Batterest!

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Well I could not have declared that I would, if I had not watched it before. And yes, it IS that nice.

  2. leech Post author

    …eat bat guano to make sure that I watched Batman Begins. Hehehee. =) And yes, I love the cute, cuddly and deranged lemurs. Esp the one with huge yellow eyes. That would make a really cool plushie. =)

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