Hair Matter

I just realized why guys keep long hair long.

The transition from schoolboy cut to “owww hair irritates my eyes” to “ewww hair irritates my nose” is memorable but hardly worth doing again.

Woi when are you going to cut you hair?

I don’t know, maybe when I know what to do with it. When it gets this long you’d think it’s not worth wasting all that effort for comfort.

So if it gets any longer I’d dye it some rare color (because I’m a cool conforming individualist) and get dreadlocks. If I could only choose one, I’d probably choose dreadlocks.

I haven’t had a proper trip to the Indian barber since June 2004.

Men keep long hair because they can’t stand anything in between short and something they can tuck behind their ears. I’m getting there, though pictures don’t really show it.

Headbanging is totally different when you can feel entire flaps of hair fly up, ventilating your scalp. Apparently, it looks cool too.

ON a side note, why do people spell the consumer electronics brand as Cannon and the local underground band as Frequency Canon?

8 thoughts on “Hair Matter

  1. Syefri Post author

    My mum nag me about the afro everyday. At least twice without fail. In terms of mathematically, i should been thourgh almost 1k of nagging. -_-"

  2. chasyss Post author

    woah did you type this a few days ago? didn’t read it before telling you your hair’s good for headbanging, but it is!

  3. amirah Post author

    malaysian in the states, stumbled on your blog thing. errr…about the canon vs. cannon thing, my guess is that a cannon is something you shoot stuff out of, and a canon is a “standard” or a group of things that makes up a standard. Then again, I could be wrong.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    I do know what those two words mean. 😛 I don’t get why people mess them up though.


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