If I had the testicular fortitude to quickly take out my digital camera and snap a picture, my account of this would be more believable.

I was walking about the grand new Borders in Berjaya Times Square when I saw a typo – Programming Languagues. However, nearby, was another section – Foreign Languages.

In case you wonder, I am not a book person. I don’t read on the bus; I sleep. I don’t read books at Starbucks while looking yuppie; I enjoy the drinks at Coffee Bean (yes it says something about my preference too.) I don’t read computer books (and I don’t recommend buying them either). I use Google to search for free tutorials instead. Why buy a computer book when you’re not going to read all its pages?

Okay so I do read about 3-4 issues of In.Tech every morning, but those are issues from over a year ago. (My mom kept them for me but I never got round to reading them.) It’s fun to read and see if how cheap the gadgets they review have become. It’s fun to read of upcoming technology that never made it. Or not.

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