Cube Square Cubed Squared

Madness! I now have 5 sizes. The new one is second from right. It was wonderful once broken in, yielding my regular-sized speeds of 50-70 seconds. It even made me feel that regular-sized ones were a bit too big!

The biggest and smallest take 2 more minutes because of their size, and so I estimate that finishing them all would take 9 minutes.

From left: over 150% of an original-sized cube; 133% sized one; the original size; the new 83% one and a 55% sized one Warmpaw got me.

4 thoughts on “Cube Square Cubed Squared

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Thanks! Actually it’s the JPG compression. I took it at ISO 50 but tweaked the levels. I do feel that it has a sickly blueish tint.


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