Chinese stung by bees and beer bellies

What: World Peace Concert
Where: Panglobal mobile stage, Berjaya Times Square
When: 8pm to 12 midnight, Saturday September 17th 2005
How much: It’s in an open air place so it’s gotta be free… right?
Who: The Rebel Scum, Teh Tarik Crew, Army Of Three, Andy Lau, Edmund Leung, Coco Lee, Lee Hom

This has been confirmed with one representative of; they’ve rented out their stage for that night.

I changed my MSN nickname to “Wanna meet Amber Chia this weekend? Message me” and only 3 guys replied, all without any interest. However, at least 6 girls responded. Hmmm. What do Amber Chia, Angelina Jolie and Kylie Minogue have in common? Bee-stung lips that, for some reason, attract women. I heard that Mr. And Mrs. Smith was a hit with the lesbian community, and that Angelina Jolie made some straight girls reconsider their sexuality. Gay guys seem to love these women, too. Really.

Oh and I shall join my free-beer-loving buddies on Sunday night whee! Zack watch out! Er, Irene, you know ah, I have to er, increase my tolerance… like c’mon look at your URL, yo… (yes I’m coming don’t worry lah…)

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