Bayar Parking

Did you know you can now pay for your parking on the third floor of Midvalley?

You even get a free palm reading while you’re at it!

While I’m on a sarcastic run, I never got any presents back in school. In fact, I was so unpopular, all my classmates… no wait, my whole school all skipped classes on that day!

6 thoughts on “Bayar Parking

  1. yunnermeier Post author

    did you happen to be at taman bahagia station at about 7pm yesterday? i could very well be mistaken la, my mata rabun like anything and more importan-te-ly i tak pernah laid mata on no-present birthday boy. ciao!

  2. Jme Post author

    You, me lad, have just been tagged. Template on my site. Btw, cannot make poseidon today. Had really really WRONG food last night and am still feeling the effects.


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