The A-list

So I bumped into Azwin Andy of Estranged (and 8tv’s Latte@8 Drummer Boy and Tak Nak poster boy) once again. He said, “so I bump into you again.

Then I wondered if there was any karmaic connection between him and Az, who I used to bump into back when he was in Malaysia. So what did they have in common? Maybe it’s their height, or that they are in the underground music scene, or…

I think I’ll just elaborate on why while taking a shower, I figured it was because their names started with the letter A.

13.2% of my Friendster friends have names starting with A. 12.5% of my mobile phone contact numbers are the A list.

Now the question is, are there really that much more people starting with A, or are people whose names start with A more likely to go out? An Adam would get an invitation to a party maybe 2 hours before a Michael. Don’t forget that there’s time involved calling/messaging. By the time you reach Michael, your initial come-on-let’s-go-coaxing-power is diminished with Michael. It would also be more likely that a Alvin snapped up that other free invite of yours to a party. This Alvin then goes to the party, and other people meet him, they exchange numbers, and once again, the A-list prevails.

If you are a happening socialite with plenty of people inviting you to free beer (and you’re a guy!) and your name doesn’t start with A and you believe my theory is wack because I’m writing this after being invited to an uh… uh… some event with free beer, post a reply to this blog entry.

…then I could laugh at you for having no life and having free time to read my blog instead of going out to party.

…oh wait, don’t boycott me, I want to shake your hand and thank you for replying.

5 thoughts on “The A-list

  1. lionel Post author

    we live in an alphabetical-order world after all. now i know why i never get invited anywhere..

    no, actually i do get free beers, because i’m a wonderful guy and i drink like a whale.

    but don’t trash your theory yet. our current name organization systems prioritize the a-list (congrats on being in it), and perhaps, somehow, without realizing, so do we. what a sweet research idea.

  2. Leech Post author

    if your name starts with A, the possibility of me spamming you with endless amounts of sms-es are higher. muwhahahhaa! =p


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