8 thoughts on “Math Is Fun!

  1. Debbie Post author

    mm.. if i am not wrong.. b=2(3.1415)r so therefore if b is given, r=b/6.283
    and d=(3.1415)r^2
    should be correct.. hehehe

  2. lionel Post author

    my geometry skilz are rusty but here goes.
    b=arc, c=circumference.
    b/c = d/360
    c = 2(pi)r
    360b = 2(pi)dr
    180b/pi = dr
    ok i can’t finish this, gotta get back to work. i’m sure there’s trig involved.
    sin(d/2) = (a/2)/r
    ..blahblah. albert, you evil sprinkler of kuaci on the ground for vampires to obsessively count (and get distracted)!

  3. jian Post author

    okay, dividing the triangle ARR’ along the vertex,
    R sin (D/2) = A/2
    R = A / (2 sin (d/2))

    B/R = 3.124D/180
    substitute R from above to get
    B = 3.142ADsin(d/2)/360


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