I Dole

Maybe it’s good karma to give away your Malaysian Idol finale tickets at Genting Arena Of Stars.

Yes, this picture was Photoshopped.

I gave both away, and lo and behold! I saw them perform at Sunway Pyramid the same day. Yeah I was like this close, as compared to up in Genting, where I’d be this far.

It was also the first time I’d ever see the second Malaysian Idol performers sing. Yes I’m never home on Friday nights when it shows. Nita was good, while Daniel had a very obvious Chinese pronunciation to everything (and didn’t sing as flashily or perfectly). Farah however was HOT. She did the vocal gymnastics on Celine Dion’s All By Myself perfectly!

Of course, some idiot kids had to ruin it by voting the most for Daniel. After seeing his performance, all I thought was that he was a cuter Vick who didn’t sing as well, and should have gotten third place just like Vick did. Now Farah is out of the game; there is no reason for me to go anymore, even if I had tickets, accomodation and could go.

4 thoughts on “I Dole

  1. Leech Post author

    i heard one caller on 8tv quickie the other day who said that she was voting for daniel at the final because "he’s cute although his voice is not good". wtf betul, right? and pls… daniel is not even as cute as vick. and yes, even vick sings better!! lmfao.


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