Then You’ll Knit Afar, Ah!

According to sources I shall not name:

Nita of Malaysian Idol sang True Love in an album called Boys & Girls 1+1=3, released by Positive Tone, produced by a certain Paul Moss.
Farah was in the underground hip-hop scene, in a group named Blindside Bawlas.

Who cares about the dude with the highest votes? I sure don’t.

There, add that to your conspiracy theories, people.

Oh and Jaclyn was a rocker.

Oh, and have you noticed that girls often proclaim and thus subconsciously program themselves to become bisexual? Meanwhile, guys can like girls too!

5 thoughts on “Then You’ll Knit Afar, Ah!

  1. lionel Post author

    nita did what? solo or in a group? i know one of those girl groups on the album was a previous incarnation of juliet the orange, so she wasn’t in that one.. this much i know… gotta look for that old cassette again!

  2. Someone Trustable Post author

    What Albert has just said; It’s all totally true. Though i will not disclose who i am – You know who i am anyway Albert. Hint:I’m always over @ AMP but i don’t work there-PEACE LOVE & ROCK & ROLL!!

  3. C. L. TAN Post author

    Farah had a song on radio called ‘Kembali Lagi di Sisimu’. She’s got experience! =) Those teen gals must cut down on a certain diet containing a Jay or a 5566 and start listening to better music on Xfresh FM! 😛


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