Sia-sia Sue

Xiaxue lovers are dumb.

No wait, Xiaxue lovers are not dumb.

People who fall madly in love with her incisive, bitchy writing, then later hate her for the same reason, are dumb.

People who say they loved her and now hated her look dumb eating their words, too.

I find it so amusing that there are bloggers who stumble upon her site, immediately worship the ground she blogs on, then get majorly offended when she rants about something they like. Then they say she�s the scum of the universe.

I like her for what she is, which is for the fact that she may someday hate something I like.

The point is not about what she dislikes; the point in reading her blog is in the way she (perhaps politically-incorrectly) describes it.

The fans are those people who’d like to think they’re different and rebellious (“you go girl, you tell it like it is!“) and relating to her (later they call her “young and immature”, forgetting why they relate so well to her). No, it’s not because they look hot post-Photoshop.

I don’t like Maddox’s stand on certain things, but does that mean I stop reading? No. I read because it’s his snarky, sharp delivery that’s good!

Think of your real-life friends. Say you met this really gossippy girl, and you both know this other infamous girl, and you go on trading stories. (Yes, guys gossip too.) Are you going to tell her your secrets?

I didn’t have to tell my her secrets, and already she was telling stories of me and this other infamous girl.

Say you met a hot chick, and you hit it on pretty well, and damn fast too, say under a week. Someone calls but she keeps rejecting. “I’m not your girlfriend, dammit!“, she says. You admire her ability to pay full attention to you.

One month later, she’s rejecting your calls. Duh.

Or, if you prefer guys (well hey, my readership varies):

Say you met this hot guy, and you hit it on pretty well, and damn fast too, say under a week. Someone calls but he keeps rejecting. “I’m not your boyfriend, dammit!“, he says. You admire his ability to pay full attention to you.

One month later, he’s rejecting your calls. Duh.

So am I saying that if you click on her link and feel an impulse to bookmark her, should you deny that twitch? No.

P.S. I hope this blog entry brings me millions of hits and free T-shirts oh, wait, I already have a wardrobe made of free T-shirts.

4 thoughts on “Sia-sia Sue

  1. YungJie Post author

    I never bother to read her blog , nor touching the link . Maddox is more hardcore and “make sense” . And I stop ping-ing to PPS as there are bunch of people jump on the bandwagin to flame her about the handicap

  2. minishorts Post author

    albert has a point and that doesn’t make him a cheap statwhore wannabe. one who disses xx for the heck of dissing her is just a victim of the bandwagon jumper game. name calling has to come with a reason, and when its plainly a case of semua lompat kumpulan wagon, it reflect badly on us as members of the same community.

    (albert what the heck was the tag you were talking about?)


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