I got tagged by Jamie.

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
1) Get dreadlocks
2) Dye my hair
3) Buy a car with my own self-earned money
4) Make myself so gentlemanly and naturally unawkward, nobody will believe I wasn’t before
5) Get on an airplane (the only time I’ve ever been on one was when I was a baby)
6) Step outside of Malaysia (yes I’ve never been out of here)
7) Have an orgy with female models and Baywatch babes

Yes, the last one was quite unprobable; if fate let me do all seven, it could also kill me! So if I finally get on a plane and it’s hijacked by terrorists, I’d have an orgy first.

Seven things I could do:
1) I can solve the Rubik’s cube in under one minute
2) I can sing guitar solos ala Jack Black
3) Walk from KLCC to Bintang Walk and meet friends without repulsing them with sweaty hugs (or I just have very polite friends)
4) I can seem to do math in my head fast. Try me!
5) I can code an entire blog (my blog is entirely my own code!) Dude, I’m not using WordPress.
6) I can sleep on any form of public transport and wake up one stop before my destination. Sometimes it’s the stop after.
7) I can show up, punctual, most of the time, if I have stated the time

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1) Kristin Kreuk
2) Lindsay Lohan
3) Shu Qi
4) Eva Longoria
5) Amanda Griffin
6) Jojo Struys
7) Minishorts! (Sorry, I don’t have a crush on you, but this was the best way to get you in a meme without directly passing it on to you, and I know you hate being called a celebrity bwahahaha.)

Seven often repeated words:
1) Dammit (with arm swooshing)
2) Yo (at the end of a sentence; I got this from some Livejournal users, yo.)
3) Ma-chow-hai (I swear in Cantonese while frustrated working on the computer to make up for my inability to otherwise converse in Cantonese.)
4) Proxy server! (Yes, calling it at the office will make it work.)
5) Wassap
6) Dude!
7) Yeah man.

Seven physical traits I look for in my partner:
1) Balance! Size does not matter, as long as she looks like she is going to fall forwards or backwards
2) Matching attributes on a face (type A eyes on type A face, type B eyes on type B face, not type A eyes on type B face unless there we see that often enough. I don’t like one look in particular, like how guys can swoon over the curvy Mazda RX-8, the muscle-solid Ford Mustang or the sleek Chevy Corvette despite all looking very different.)
3) Sloping hips (the part between the small of the back and the butt, but this is not necessary)
4) An ability to vary between sizzling hot, pretty, sweet and cute. Then again how many girls you know have really bad fashion sense?
5) Mess-up-able hair
6) Eyebags no bigger than mine (I know only one who has anything worse)
7) Some uh, cheek

Seven tags go to:
1) Someone who could’ve been pouring beer (yeah who says you can’t tag back?)
2) The unlinkable cutie whose computer I last fixed and is now sadly on some island
3) The kickass rocker who helped me get a 4x4x4 Rubik’s Cube (I don’t know which blog to link to anymore!)
4) Someone who recently lost her privacy so I can’t name her
5) Tech (in appreciation for tagging me!)
6) Fazri (in appreciation for tagging me!)
7) Warmpaw (in appreciation for tagging me!)

Seven is a big number.

P.S. Here’s a picture to compliment all that text.

Top-left: A regular ASTRO remote control has not one, but two infra-red bulbs! The human eye is unable to pick up this, but modern-day digital cameras can, albeit they’d be less than red. I then did a 15 second exposure and drew the star on the top-right picture.

Below is the beloved Toastmaster (yes, it is really called that). It’s back in action baby!

6 thoughts on “7AG

  1. lionel Post author

    > I can code an entire blog (my blog is entirely my own code!)

    I’d clap a bit harder if you had figured out trackback.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I figured out trackback 1.5 years ago, I just never thought it had any practical use. Pinging maybe, but trackback, I’d rather you actually take the trouble to spam my comment with the URL. It’s the same, and trackback is an unnecessary jargon-ization. Similiarly, I don’t need no geeky "Permalink" where "Link" would do (in Xfresh blogs).

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    I used to see a Trackback in blog entries and get damn confused. So when I did find out, I thought that it was unnecessary geekanization. Like say, making your blog RSS-only.

  4. lionel Post author

    How about an RSS feed please? It’s not hard you know. Make our (people who use feedreaders) lives easier why don’t you.


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