Exposed In 15 Seconds

Much can be done in 15 seconds. All pictures were made with one shot, long exposure, meaning no Photoshop was used to combine pictures. No color adjustments were made either.

I searched in my soul in order and fought myself.

Now all I need is a green suit.

Are my eyes open or closed?

I placed the portable flourescent light under a pillow to give minimal lighting.

Yes, I’ve never blogged with pictures showing anything below my neck. Or so I remember.

7 thoughts on “Exposed In 15 Seconds

  1. Silencers Post author

    HAHAHAHA finally you abused the Tv mode!!! I KNEW you would have fun with it. BTW, I love the 2nd shot best. I suppose the ‘strobe theory’ we discussed last time worked miracles for that one.


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