I was hanging out with Kevin and Choon How at A&W One Utama, having root beer (because stock of RM1 beer for Oktoberfest was finished early). We sat nearer to the mall, where we could watch chicks pass. A familiar face passed by. Melissa Maureen!

I waved at her. She was going to get a drink at A&W and hang out there. She was with her friend, some chick who was vaguely familiar.

Who was that chick ah?” Kevin asked.
Melissa Maureen? From Pond’s Table For Two and Gol & Gincu?
Oh my God! I know her!” (Kevin jumped out of his seat and ran to catch up with her at the queue)

Yes, Kevin and Choon How have trouble remembering faces.

Turns out they used to know each other from 7-8 years ago, and she used to play bass for him!

Well, at least Melissa recognized me (though she didn’t recognize Kevin initially…)

Then it struck me why the other chick was vaguely familiar. She was in Gol & Gincu too! So when we left A&W we passed by their table. Kevin told Melissa about his band. Meanwhile, I asked the vaguely familiar chick, “Heyyy you were in Gol & Gincu right?

Uh… I remember you were in it, but I can’t remember who you played…

Yes, Albert says stupid insensitive things often. He just does not blog about it often enough.

As we went downstairs, Kevin asked who the vaguely familiar chick was. “Oh don’t worry, we can Google her.” We had a good laugh.

It was only hours later, at home, that I realized why I couldn’t match her to any of the many futsal-playing girls in the movie. She wasn’t the tomboy, no… she wasn’t the one with domestic problems, she wasn’t the one with a disapproving boyfriend, no… she was… uh…

She was the lead actress!

Yes, I believe Kevin and Choon How’s blurness is contagious.

Oh man. Now I wonder what they must’ve talked about when we left. “How can he not remember me? I’m the star! The cheerleader-turned-futsal player! I got the most screentime!

Nur Fazura, if you are reading this, I would like to apologize. I wish I did have real beer to be used as an excuse for my absent-mindedness.

P.S. Gol & Gincu was a recent Malaysian teenybopper movie that amazed me in many ways, because it took a American teenage movie and turned it Malaysian. The film quality was all there! The sound was good, the lighting was good and not some TV1 drama, Putri’s room was bright and IKEA-like, and product placement was everywhere! I was damn proud that there was a Malaysian movie reaching such commercial-looking standards. While Nur Fazura’s initially bimbo-ish character sounded unnatural, she picked up soon; however, Rafidah (of 3R) had horribly long mini-lecture sentences that made it sound like she wasn’t fluent in Malay.

6 thoughts on “Lipstuck

  1. esther Post author

    lmao.. of all the people, you chose to forget her. haha. but actually she does look different from the movie.

  2. shelley leong Post author

    That’s the beauty about malaysia. Celebs can walk around not being recognised.

    I haven’t watched Gol & Gincu yet. Hope to catch it on dvd when i get home. Also see ya end of the year!!


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