Back when I took normal pictures without the powers of a manual-control digital camera like the Canon Powershot A520, I took pictures anybody could take, like:

Guess what car this is. Below is a sweet Mazda RX-8, though the carbon fibre hood spoils its sexiness.

A Chevy Corvette Z06! I wonder why the headlights are different, and the rear window slopes less in comparison to my Transformers Alternator Tracks.

Left: I’ve never seen a pussy lick itself. Also known as the Hartamas Square cat. Right: Square pizza at Roma, Avenue K. Nice, but a bit pricey. The decor was damn cool though; it had a small LCD screens, all showing CSI on mute (with subtitles though).

In order, left to right then top to bottom:

  • Man sitting down and reflecting.
  • Men climbing into a train I previously thought was dead at the Kepong KTM station.
  • An old ISO 50 EV +2 shot with my old camera.
  • The view from International Islamic University, Section 17.
  • Jasemaine‘s rose tea. It would be nicer if I could spell it as Jasmine for pun purposes, innit?
  • Empty Coca-cola bottles in shrink-wrap! How did Paul of Paul’s Place do that? He’s an inventor!
  • Rocket and I with crazy hair. Where is my Lord Of The Rings book you crazy woman?
  • Cow goes boing boing.

Same order of business:

  • Double-pedal massages! Alda laughs on in the background because he loves beer.
  • Where do you take your bus from?” “Bangkok Bank, Bang…
  • Trees on speed.
  • Sun’s up, lights out.
  • Light cannon.
  • The moon. (Yes it’s possible with a 1/1000 second shot. Picture was not even resized! It was just cropped. Who says you need an SLR to get the detail?)

P.S. I know I owe some people gig pictures, so there will be more normal pictures to clog up your bandwidth soon!

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