Back From My Trip

I hadn’t called her in days. How was she? I missed her, but I wanted to wait until tomorrow, when it would be more significant.

Suddenly I heard her voice.

I wonder how he is. He hasn’t called for days.

(long silence)

I wonder if he still likes me. Well, actually, I liked him too.

But then I didn’t like how there was always this nagging voice in the background, like… his mom was bugging him or something, and he yelled back at her. I didn’t like that. And he was always so… I dunno.

Maybe I should call him.

She dialled, and I picked up.

Me: Hello? Hello?

I pressed my pillow repeatedly, frantically, as if my Answer button was there.

Still lost, I picked up my handphone and called her number. No answer. When I realized what just happened to me, I messaged an apology for calling past bedtime.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Albert is okay not okay. He’s on medication. He was nauseous on Tuesday, and the doctor said he was pale and had low blood pressure on Wednesday. He feels a nice warm buzz on Thursday, 12:30am; it’s already 4 hours since his last dosage, should he take more fever medicine?

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