Professor Erno’s Revenge

I visited Hannna‘s house for Raya, and guess what I collected!

(Okay, so I had the 5x5x5 Professor’s Cube from before…) These were from Hamley’s London. Impossible to get in Malaysia, Singapore even.

(I won’t label which one is which; that will be the puzzle for you readers.)

My averages are 49-55 seconds (on the standard original 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube), 260 seconds on the 4x4x4 Rubik’s Revenge (330 seconds if I get stuck) and 700 seconds on the 5x5x5 Professor’s Cube. As for the Rubik’s Shells, please do not ask me to do it as it hurts my fingers and locks often. That one takes about 7 minutes if I don’t lose count and screw up (plus I accidentally locked two wheels, making it permanently on Tough mode; I solved that under 3 minutes so I went for Challenge mode by locking the other two wheels.)

The original is nowhere near anything I expected. Smooth, orgasmic over-spinning, not-locking cubing.

10 thoughts on “Professor Erno’s Revenge

  1. shelley leong Post author

    I remember very clearly you dazzling us with your rubik’s cube abilities. (recall one fine day when we followed the flow in mid valley).

    Until today, i still tell my new friends about you and your super powers.

  2. emily Post author

    you have to teach me to finish off my rubiks cube one day…….. 9 years!!! 9 YEARS!!!! and you do it in 49 seconds…. *sigh*

    ever took a mensa test?

  3. R`eis Post author

    o.. think u find this not challenging at all while i already gave up the 3x3x3. U’re an impressive genius!

  4. kofxi Post author

    I use EASTSHEEN 4x4x4 cube and I’m all ready SOLVE IT ! . But this cube it’s hard to turn and sometimes it’s broken. Anybody have idea where can i get a original 4x4x4 Rubik’s Revenge cube in MALAYSIA( )


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