Stock Clearance

It’s the time of the week month year when I upload all the pictures I promised people I’d upload to my blog.

We start with the 16th of September, with Amber Chia signing autographs for the charity screening of The Longest Yard.

I then hopped over to Berjaya Times Square, for a supposed World Peace… concert?
Clockwise from top-left: Tragiccomedy; Army Of Three featuring Kevin of Broken Scar screaming instead of his usual acoustic guitar crooning (incidentally both guys in the picture are brothers); The Rebel Scum rip out the rap over a Transformers Theme beat; and finally cute dancers!

Poseidon’s album launch was on the 18th of September. I don’t even remember which bands were which.
Clockwise from top-left: Irene; a photogenic screamer; Pallid Sky (good hard rock with solos a-plenty); blood on the dance rock floor.

Frequency Cannon. Left: Captain Kua Chee barking, “Who swapped my socks?” Top: I loved the setup of a bright light installed for a camera crew, with Siva in front of a black wall, totally undistracted rock posing. Except for when Kua Chee pops in nosily asking about his socks. Bottom: Yu-Ri belts a melting solo.

Clockwise from top-left: Vespertine; progressive rockers Polaris; the new lead guitarist for Warve; and Stonebay’s guitarist’s pretty guitar. Yeah, so I used flash on all of these pictures.

Clockwise from top-left: Infiltrated; a guitarist scared shitless, intending to climb on his stage monitor and make a quick exit; Inverted Coma; Moodbox.

Of course, the highlight was Poseidon, a proper metal band with all the flash.

If you were running low on batteries, this would the the guy to record videos of. Fully flashy, fully scaling up and down the fretboard, with all sorts of funky effects.

I then rushed over to Luna Bar for Musiccanteen’s Awards, foregoing the last few bands for free beer. Up at skyscraper level, (33 floors to be exact) a lone Petronas Tower could be seen proposing to the KL Tower. Okay, so they were Photoshopped together.

They constructed a mini podium/walkway on the pool and filled it with blank CD-Rs!

Free beer equates to massive free jam. Edge Of Fire and Dragon Red feature in this one.

Amil of Dragon Red is seen on bass again! (For the first time, Alda was also publicly seen playing electric guitar!) At one point there were three people on the drums!

Kevin came back from Australia and played at Hartamas Square again on the 22nd of September. The joy of Hartamas Square gigs is that you never know who will play! From left to right, then top to bottom:
Admonition with a hothothot new vocalist; Tragiccomedy again, this time with a pretty Line 6 Variax guitar, probably wondering if the crowd is looking at him or the screen behind; Kevin; Jasemaine; Quizzicals; Seven; Edge Of Fire impromptu; a car with no bumper!

It was a return to Desa Sri Hartamas, this time, Jamasia, for the Xcited Screamers album launch. From left to right, then top to bottom:
Fathulistiwa; Zack of Cosmic Funk Express playing for Broken Scar; Epiphone SG, Emily Strange edition, of Kevin of Broken Scar; a black Epiphone SG hangs; Auburn, with cool rock progressions/riffs; Xcited Screamers.

Okay, I’m beat. October and November pictures will come another day week month. Yes, being September shots, these would all be with my old Canon Powershot A400 and not the A520.

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