Striking Pictures

So I met Fazri for more camera geeking out.

This is his decked out FZ30, this time, with more filters and step rings than before. I’m not sure anymore what the order was, but I think it was a (edited) 58mm telephoto lens, 58mm macro lens, 58mm Hoya linear polarizer, 58mm to 52mm step ring, 52mm Hoya circular polarizer, 52mm Hoya R72 infrared filter, (then here comes my stuff) 52mm Hoya R72 infrared filter, 52mm Raydamn linear polarizer, 52mm Hoya 25A red filter, 52mm Raydawn circular polarizer, (and back to Fazri’s) 52mm to 55mm step ring, Panasonic DMC FZ30. Phew.

Similiar setup, on mine.

He placed his FZ30 on a tripod and took long exposures, with the strobe flash used to uh, expose… me. I was chosen because I accidentally wore a bright, easy to expose shirt.

I have reached Duhvana.

Effects of eating a red mushroom.

Fazri and I saw lightning in KLCC Park. I used his Canon Powershot A95 to get this, on a 4 second exposure. He set up his FZ30 on 60 second exposure, but the chances of us striking gold lightning striking when taking a long exposure was very small. Most of the time, the lightning would strike during the noise reduction part (which is as long as the long exposure itself!)

The buildings somewhat look like batteries.

Addendum: From my experiments with circular and linear polarizer combinations, I found that the most useful combination would be camera, circular, circular, linear. Turning the innermost circular would function as a polarizer; turning the middle circular was a warming/cooling filter, and turning the outermost linear would go from neutral density to infrared filter. We did not get a bright sunny environment to test the effects of inserting the red filter anywhere in between. Two circulars would be a warming/cooling filter; two linears, a neutral density to infrared filter.

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  1. aprilcherrie Post author

    wow.. cool effect.. i like the thunder one… always wanna take that kind of pics but got no chance… good pic 🙂


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