Picture Me!

Updated the About Me! page I have, with pictures of me! I have to satisfy my innate narcissistic quota by doing that.

The new Quotes entry is this:
“If you think I have a big head, wait till you see my mouth.”

Oddly, there is a feeling of dejavu with that quote, like I had heard of it before. I wonder if my brain is secretly regurgitating stuff. Even pickup lines which I just coined like “Hey baby wanna free my willy?” and “I don’t want to be friends, because that’s only 1% of what we could be.” sound like I have heard them somewhere before. If you have heard them before, tell me!

Maybe it’s about time I recount my misadventures in my blog. How about that Thursday when somebody could’ve peeed on my left shoe? (As told here: Wet Adventure.) Or about Friday, when I had to change a tire in the rain, with waterproof bantings as shelter from the rain? At any rate, I figured I would fall in a swimming pool on Saturday! (I was out the whole day, but thankfully it didn’t happen to me.)

Oh yeah have you noticed on fast food joint counters, they have this “I’m (insert cashier’s name)” on their display? I’m guessing this is so that it’s easier to pick up cashiers at fast food joints (who are probably wishing to find a rich boyfriend or something, so they don’t have to work, ha!)

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