You guessed it right – I finally got my first year certificate for my Informatics International Diploma in Computer Studies, with majors in Business and Mutlimedia! How great is that?

So great that I have to wait another semester to get my certificate reprinted. So great that I have to be the picky perfectionist and notice that it’s Multimedia and not Mutlimedia. Dang, now I’m even spelling it Mutlimedia by reflex.

Maybe it was not meant to be. Maybe I was meant to be a Mutlimedia dude, not a normal Multimedia dude. Why did I pick Multimedia/Mutlimedia and the Internet instead of Software Engineering? Simply because Software Engineering had C structures (too complex) and networking. (I didn’t want to be opening floor tiles and crimping RJ45’s!)

I wasn’t really good with Multimedia proper. Perhaps, I am a breed, a hybrid of a programmer and multimedia dude, where my skills can only be quantified as that of a Mutlimedia graduate! A new class, surpassing all the rest! 🙂

On the other hand, I’ll just tape my mouth and wait for the reprint. 😛

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