What I Did?

What I did that was worth mentioning:

I made the website remember your name and email address for both the Replies part of the blog and the Guestbook. If you have a horrendously long email address, be thankful that you don’t have to type it out. 😛

What I did (in real life) that was worth mentioning:

I went for the KLue UrbanScapes party, upon finding the under-your-nose restaurant Grappa Soho. Imagine me asking a friend over the phone directions, while walking towards it (and then after that, past it!) Don’t blame me, the signboard wasn’t lit. 🙁

Oh, what am I talking about? A tiny rock gig inside a birthday bash.

Don’t-call-us-space-rock soundscaping rockers Damn Dirty Apes played their new simple-tune punkish song, which got the crowd in a frenzy. I finally got to see Chi-Ren (I thought that was a girl’s name) singing Drift Away (Part 1). It was worth looking at how they play indeed. They shoegazed for quite a bit, before a wham on a pedal, and then *spin and jump* punk-style guitar-playing! Then, they hit the pedal again, and it was back to shoegazing. Wow.

Meet Emmett of the Butterfingers who poses with a violin nobody gets to hear, and a horn section which sounds like electric guitars. He was heavily fagging (or was that a disguised roach?) I don’t know what smoke does to his lungs, but it sure was superb, be it his sustained wails and singing, which was relatively far from the microphone. The crowd bounced to the singles, to the point I wish I was on the other end of the room where the most pit was.

Yes, I went alone. Ironic it would be that the people who invited me couldn’t come.

I’m sick of being Fong-Fei-Kei-ed (see definition) that I wrote modified lyrics for it! Yes, some of you may not like Linkin Park, but I like their song In The End nevertheless, and this is the tribute: Thinking Dark – This Weekend. Have fun singing along, especially DJCyberSonique who shares my pain!

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