Tooting Two Too

I am going to blog, in girly form, what I got over Sunday and on my birthday (which was not Sunday).

Coolermaster 430W power supply: To replace my old one, where my GeForce 6600GT was complaining of lack of juice.
Pleomax 1600dpi laser mouse: To replace my trusty A4Tech wireless optical mouse. Higher dots per inch means higher sensitivity. Five mouse buttons baby! Interestingly, the 4th and 5th were automatically Forward and Back in Internet Explorer. Configured correctly, I could play racing games with just the mouse! Sadly, it has the same problem as cheap optical mice – lifting it up until 2cm from the table/mousepad will cause the cursor to run wildly. This means you can’t lift your mouse to turn rapidly!
Maxtor 300GB PATA hard disk with 16MB cache: One of those rarities. No more struggling with compressing pictures and videos, and uninstalling games!
LG 16xDVD, 52x32x52 combo drive: Now my siblings can watch DVDs on the other computer (which we affectionately name “the left-side computer“.)

All plugged in, the formerly unstable computer, affectionately named “the right-side computer” gave noisy interference, and ran a memory test up till about 128MB (the number varied every time) and hung. Switching memory banks quickly rectified this.

I haven’t blogged about computers and guitars so long, people seem to have forgot that yes, I can play the guitar.

Check out Laynie‘s hilarious account of what happened when we met for lunch, with her not knowing I was older that day.

Presents, in no order, and anonymously done to protect the identities of those who gave weird presents, and to prevent all of you from mooching up to those who gave good presents:
A Tower Records CD case, Lords Of Dogtown movie soundtrack CD, Christmas tree star (huh?), 1/144 HG Grade Gundam, 25th Anniversary Rubik’s Cube, a blinking phone accessory, nice-smelling candles (when blackouts occur at least our home will smell the nicest!), a Casio digital watch with auto-reset countdown timer, five alarms, moon position, tides, compass, etcetera (much more sophisticated than my previous one, yay), company to Rock The World 6 and a ride home.

Did I forget something?

Did you forget something?

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  1. Laynie Post author

    Albert, you should link to the post not to my blog. As soon as I update (soon soon) the link would be redundant to the topic (but not redundant hehe).


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