Heads Up

Sometimes, drowsiness from medication can be inspiring. Here goes, more pictures of varying public approval!

I’m spinning around, move out of my way…

Don’t focus on the lights!

Turn off the orientation sensor on your camera for a new gravity.

This one-of-a-kind retractable Christmas tree was found in the avant-garde Avenue K.

Next to it was a stairway.

I left the buildings in the picture to show you that this was not taken from an aeroplane.

Now they, they were born to fly.

A moon at 8 am!

Of course, the obligatory infrared picture, taken at the same time. Yes, that is the moon.

While at it, I might as well clear off my old infrared gems. Flares look funky.

Paramount Gardens.

Sunway Pyramid again. Nope, the sun wasn’t falling; note the direction of light on the dome.

Trouble abrewing.

Yep, clouds and trees reflect on lakes in infrared! What cute clouds, too.

This was done using the same CPL/red/LPL trick. Infrared is distinctively tinted blue.

Alright, enough trippiness. Time to sit down and have iced lemon tea.

7 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. uneeq Post author

    lol i dont know if it’s just me but i find this post so funny hehe. of course the pictures are cool wey. me like them all

  2. Reta Post author

    me wurves your upside down building too

    btw there’s a site that allows u to put up ur pix and ppl pay u based on commission [cents] for every click on it wink..


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