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  1. Alyaa Z. Post author

    Hey Albert! I love your site, it’s really cool 🙂 It just keeps me smilin’ hahaha 🙂 Well keep up the good work! I’ll be sure to check in every now and then! *Salutes you*

  2. ChibiMelody Post author

    When you take a lil bit of this, and a lil bit of that, add a little magic and stir it all up… what will you get???

    You, of course!! =P hehehe…

  3. Doughboy Post author

    BASKET! Woi your site too cun already… at least I’m bigger than you so I can whack you up instead (if you don’t help me with my site, that is!)

  4. JC Buzy Post author

    Everything is perfect, everything is fine…

    However shouldn’t Narcissism be the default skin?

  5. Alyaa Z. Post author

    Hello! It’s me again. Just seeing what’s up with the site. It’s lovely as always… but I’m in a pesty mood so I’m going to BUG YOU TO PUT UP MORE PICS OF YOURSELF! Yes! Why are you keeping your handsome face away from us? Sheesh! Lol! I’ll be back!…

  6. Bernard Post author

    *DrooL* Look at the pretty colors…

    – Life is like a bitch. No, Life at MOST is a bitch. (Glad to know I’m on top). Gotta love it!

  7. JoAnNe Post author

    hie hie albert… i like your colour combination…
    nice colour… and ur site is cool leR
    all the best…

  8. gianne the great {giler} Post author

    ALLLYYYYY!!!!!!!! remember me? remember the nut from the chatroom? remember dadadeeedoo? remember 12 cm? hahahah!
    oops, there i go crappin as usual
    ANYway, back to the point, not bad, though need a bit mor imagination. more pictures and stuff. black and red is pretty common, cuz of the great contrast. the font for ‘Glaring Notebook’ should be changed (or make it into a graphic) but the content’s are okay though, and love the scroll bars. and me click ‘view source’, but dont worry, i didnt steal it (yet) for i cant fanthom the mess. lol.
    so…anytime you need a critic, call me =P
    up, up and to the chocolate bar!!!

    if u like to payback(haha), gimme ur comments on me class webbie:

  9. jasonpOp Post author

    :: Comments Part 2 ::
    seriously….ur site quite unique…lol

    *([ smashpop.cjb.net ])*

  10. Cheng Ee Post author

    hey dude, your site is simple and easy but your talends is strong and i really like it so much….actually simple n easy is good *for me to see mah* 😀 anyway….keep it up and dun gip up!! you will become a successful man in the future n wish i could fight with you too!!!

  11. June Post author

    Hey Albert ! (u crazee man! =))
    hehehe this is such an awesome web !
    and i never knew you were that FARNEE !
    don’t judge a book…erm sorry i mean….don’t judge a glaring note BOOK by it’s cover !
    anywayz, rOcK oN and keep it up baybeh !

    Much Love

  12. h.e.i.l.e.y a.k.a. p.h.e.i c.h.u.e.n. Post author

    ewwo albert!!!!!!!!herm……wat can i say????u’re a REAL farnee n kerazee guy!!!!!!!somemow say only kerazee ppl will love june’s site…….well…nothing much..juz drop by…-n- keep up da good work!!!!!!bye!!!!!


  13. Trainmaster Post author

    Hey dude you probably don’t know me but should that stop me from saying what a fantastic site you have? I think not! 😛

    I haven’t seen skins on any other site before (besides Xfresh which I came from to here) but how the heck do you do it?

  14. dide Post author

    Hey Albrat-o! 😉 Still here… anycows, I WANT YOUR PHONE!!! woosh! tata!

    dide -http://dide.mainpage.net-

  15. Suzanne Post author

    Hey albert… i still think you should write songs for snoop doggy dog and red hot chilli peppers… ahhahaHh… thanks for all your help in xfresh and don’t EVER give up on writing, okay? you’re a mean-tongued alberto (albatross)
    bye, bird!

  16. DitdOT-3 // Nina Post author

    eLoo aLbErtO!!nice lyric huh!! iluf it esp the Caught For Stealing – Kleptoman
    really mean ah u!!but i really luf it!!keep on writing dear!!hit it up!!

  17. Kay GeE Post author

    Hey, this site is AWESOME! -) Somehow, I already knew that your website will be this good at minimal! (Can’t really expect less from a guy with brilliance creativity, can’t I?) Anyway, you’ve done a REALLY good job, and

  18. DitdOT-3 // NiNa Post author

    nice improved skin!i luff the lil’ wire thingy on the every edge of it!!creative ah you!!keep on hit it up!wEEee!!

  19. smashpOp Post author

    hey albert..nice site…havent been checking ur site for quite some time edi..but here i am..checking this blueprint stuff…

    >> smashpop.cjb.net <<

  20. lionel Post author

    cool pic. u call that your ‘high’ look? u don’t want to admit it’s a stud in a killer pose with that charlie’s angels background.

    hey c’mon, do an asp trick! your most memorable skin was ‘mirror’ and u know why. now get to work!

    . . .

  21. Albert Ng Post author

    Hmm… I did intend my face to be drugged, but I didn’t consciously intend my pose to be like that. 😛 I liken it to the DiGi ad, in fact. I didn’t even realize the Charlie’s Angels similiarity! As for ASP work (it was JavaScript actually) go check out my Round skin, it’s more complex than the Mirror skin.

  22. god Post author

    Dat Mr. Lee on your quote page, is he my Mr. Lee from Samad? Man, he was the best motherf***ing teacher in the world bar none. I miss him and his dirty jokes and oh the time we’d talk about him and Puan Grace the chem teacher. hahaahahahahahaahahahahaha here’s to you sir!!!!!!

  23. Albert Ng Post author

    Yes, that is the great Mr. Lee. I was from SMKSAS PJ as well! I will miss him saying that whenever I hang out at the computer club during class. Oh yeah I had to sanitize your post, “god“.

  24. sarah Post author

    i’ve no idea what happen to the first comment
    the i decided to send in another one sigh

    nicole told me about your website and got the url from yi jian’s link though 😛
    ok er.. your website reminds me alot about my pathetic physics..
    but very nice!

    all da best! tata~ ;]

  25. *JaY|B4yB3h* Post author

    this is definitely one of the websites worth my time… love the lyrics! i wanna see more lyrics! ahahh rock on ..

  26. Zebra Post author

    Haha! I found your blog!
    Good god…your hot chick scorekeeping technique is somewhat obsessive. Congrats on your diploma thingy though.

  27. dide Post author

    Oh, thank you ever so much for visiting me ineduquate website. I know, your the website god around here *Smiles all cheeky* Oh we shall go dotting someday, and of all people I shalth dot you too! So see you around.

  28. esther Post author

    hey. thanks for tagging my gb..i think =) im not taking spm this year. uh im 16 =) do you work for xfresh or something? enjoy. nice site btw.

  29. cccaarraaa Post author

    hei u sexy thang you! lol. like the site. especially the room thingo. i was like scrolling everything and going ooohhh! haha. keep it up. but hei, a little colour wouldn’t hurt. :p keep it real in the tank. ciaozzz!

  30. mich & dide Post author

    Dide : See? I’m nice enough to ask mich to see your schmelly site :). Now you owe me a kiss.

    Mich : Boo! Take showers.

  31. KittenHeidi Post author

    Hey, keep up the good work!! Sorry I didn’t sign your guestbook earlier..=P
    Cool site…was kinda scared of the pic though…too much practical jokes from my buds..you know, those pics that turn into hideous monsters after a few seconds..really freaked me out..so now ada phobia…aiks..
    Kays, that’s about it..buh-byez!!

  32. Assasin Post author

    Nice website. Very nice actually.

    More pictures would help. Content is good enough.

    By the way, you look great. 🙂

  33. 7sins_pride Post author

    wah…-dunno wut 2 say-

    ya…i agree with BAT , more pics wuld help….=p

    till later…

  34. the fudger Post author

    I like your site, Albert . . . very, very nice . . . and yes, I AM just saying it because I am a shallow Britney fan who can’t think of anything else to say and doesn’t feel like actually telling you what she REALLY thinks of your site . . . but I’m sure you won’t hold it against me . . !!! YOU ROCK, DUDE!
    (But seriously, I don’t know how you did it . . . well done!)

  35. Paddywack Post author

    Yoooooo Albert! Nice website! Its like a game thing kinda website.. anyways, its cool. hehehe. the jokes are funny even though i know some ppl wont understand them. hahahaha.okay sorry, i’m juz crapping around since its almost 3 am in the morning. well anyways, cya later!!!

  36. Tiara Post author

    Hurrah for Weird Al Bertkovich! 😀 BTW, I don’t think you’d get into copyright troubles for listing the original song those parodies are based upon since they fall under fair use. Thanks for coming to the Xfresh fanlistings…yah yah I’ll correct it A.S.A.P…oh and it is possible to be a fan of a place you work in, many of your workmates joined including the Big Kahuna o_0

  37. adlysha babalu Post author

    great job albert…yada-yada..but dissapointed cause i’m like one of the ‘last’ one to know about ur website..
    Keep it up man!! very creactive..*cough*

  38. LeddY Post author

    hey aLbiE!!
    purrfectlicious and coooolnessedly blessed site u have here… keep up da good work and ROCK on albie coz u ROCK!

  39. neo Post author

    fuh ko ni mamat rock gegila kan! power giler siut…ganas…layan metallica agi tuhh!! whoahhhh

    dah lah muka stok macam neo matrix…respek respek!!

  40. Albert Ng Post author

    Thank you Yuen Chi, I always wondered. Please! No advertising!

    Um, since we know each other, is there any discount? 😉

  41. Lian Yuen Chi Post author

    + Pay RM10 for squeezing 100 mL of my milk.

    + Redeem RM5 each time if you can produce 25mL of gooey milk.

  42. The Dark One Post author

    Apa ni? Tak cukup jokes laaa…. but are your quotes copyrighted? IF they are, shud i end it with &quot;-Albert Ng&quot; or &quot;-Glaring Notebook&quot;?

  43. Albert Ng Post author

    Copyrighted they are! Yes, put &quot;-Albert Ng&quot; after my quotes. 🙂 The jokes are mine, too, and I haven’t thought of any Top Ten lists in a long time. 😛

  44. The Dark One Post author

    Hrm.. good good. My techie friends loved it. Ill quote you alright. Btw, can u do a coolection of all your , how should i say, literature pieces? I mean, poems, sonnets, rhymes and stuff? Plz recycle them as i actually find pleasure contemplating them, lol!!

  45. salif oyelabi Post author

    salut comment vas tu moi je m applle salif age de 23 je suis as la recheche des femmes pour marige sincenr applle moi au(225) 07382174 mail:newyork_2007@yahoo.fr

  46. ayunami Post author

    hey albert. it was really nice meeting you the other day at the pandemonium known as the astro carnival. sorry for the late reply to your guestbook or whatever. been so busy. neways, coming to your web designing skill, wahlau…damn good la you. can teach me ah? haha. keep in touch ya. toddles.

  47. cl2002 Post author

    Nice new skin. =D

    But did you use enough time to study for your exams? I wanna see you as a &#8220;model&#8221; Xfresh crew member. 🙂

    And do something with Syed Oyelabi. He’s irritating the whole guestbook with French and all this junk. 😉

  48. Jasmine Post author

    Translation of Salif Oyelabi – hello. how are you? Im salif. age 23. Im a married woman. (Im not so sure about this but i THINK this is what she is trying to say.) You can call me at (225) 07382174 or email me at newyork_2007@yahoo.fr

  49. Doey Post author

    something for a change. Most male bloggers I know blog about architecture and current political issues. So boring….at least you rant about personal stuffs. LOL!

  50. Alicia Post author

    Great ! i especially like the qoutes .Mainly because they are full of the truth and nothing about the truth. Yet your topics are still honest and interesting but not to dull.
    Keep up the good work.

  51. Mystery Wolf Post author

    The Wolf has stealthily penetrated the grounds of your website… by being invited here 😛
    Wassup man, site’s uber cool man… the blogs are great! I like the straightforwardness of everything.
    I think I’ll be roaming about this site more often now 🙂

  52. Microkid Post author

    Hi, i just find word at Goggle &quot;Blog Bulletin Board&quot; and i find your website. You are using 1asphost too. Nice to be your friend. We are using same blog name. I dont know so much about english language. Maybe you want to visiting my Website too. try this nice one. Your Blog nice too

  53. hanna Post author

    Did you post that “survey which requires real effort to count” on friendster? because I can’t say I’ve seen it. Post it!

  54. Ee Ching Post author

    The master of All Blogs have landed from the Webbie Planet. Apparently, Alberto was the ruler of the planet until he got kicked out for being a cruel king. Therefore, in order to fit in with us humans, he (or she, actually – i have no idea) has changed his name to Albert, and has bestowed upon the human race, the art of blogging as taught in his ‘Blabbermouth Land’ back home.

  55. Lionel Post author

    Hey albert – here an unknown stranger just passing by, Ur blog is cool!! Just wondering what does it take ? to work at X fresh??

  56. rajan Post author

    Dude…u just got a regular for your blog…some stuff that u say is really damn funny. Nice stuff here. Like your modified lyrics a lot.

  57. Jon Post author

    Hey Albert, nice to meet you the other day. Sorry if I was a bit off; a bizarre car ride to labodega left me feeling dazed.

    See ya around.

  58. Leow Post author

    Good initiative of coding the entire site on your own. I could do too but I prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

    Anyway, you have cool contents up man!

  59. yin Post author

    hey, saw u taking pix/videos at pentas 2 klpac last sat…wanted to say hi but u disappeared. ummm…so am saying hi here instead lah 😛

  60. Bodicea Post author

    Hey man, just wanna remind you that your skin template is the funkiest I’ve surfed through so far (not that you need the reminder ;), and that you didn’t link me like you said you would.. (I think?)

    Just burping in your &quot;guestbook&quot;


  61. Allanx Post author

    hey can somebody find me

    sad angry babies – free

    lyrics??? i tried hours but still cant get it… why lar.. why u guys never published ur lyrics.. its very meaningful… love it! pls reply asap ya.. thx

  62. Jade Post author

    Hi! there

    I’m really impressed with your photos. You ought to follow your passion coz you’re obviously into it and I think you’ve got a good eye. By the way, if you’ve got a crush on Jojo Struys, you should catch her every Monday at 730pm on NTV 7 on her new show called Jojo’s Ticket to Wellbeing. Cheers. Keep up the good work. Your site was really entertaining! 🙂

  63. Djinn Post author

    hey, interesting stuff u got here &amp; it’s your b’day today? Dec 19? haha happy b’day &amp; be sure to have lotsa fun!!

  64. mustaffa Post author

    Albert, thanks for your plug of my B&amp;W Processing and Printing. I couldn’t agree more on the 2 things you said:

    1. Have an open mindset on anything u do
    2. Photography – financially draining.

    Some of the photos didn’t download. But anyway, glad to have known you. Keep in touch. Cheers, Mustaffa.

  65. SilverIsle Post author

    Hi there! Very cool blog with awesome photos! Saw you the other day in Penang Invasion gig at Laundry Bar. Am glad to have found your blog now. Looking forward to more entries! =)

  66. Jackqueline Post author

    Hey nice site, found you through Kenny Sia, who linked Simplicitatious, who linked you.

    Beautiful pictures!

  67. cindy Post author

    wow. i like this site. can change skin. by the way you look really familiar… but cant recall 🙂 cheers!

  68. Steffeni Post author

    hey albert! remember me? we met in no-black-tie through lionel =) been a while since i drop by hehe. dont really see u in msn too. love ur pics as always =) i miss ur infra-red digicam!!! do u still use it? =)

  69. jsc_tidus Post author

    bro albnok, this is jsc_tidus from Lowyat.net

    just going through ur pages, its filled with good pics as well as stories.. keep it up bro..!

  70. Canadian Post author

    Hi Albert. I think your website is very interesting and insightful. I respect someone who has the time to document their life so frequently.

    I read your post about comedian, Vei Chong. Personally, I was a little disappointed about what you written about him. I’m from Toronto, Canada myself and I’ve seen Vei Chong perform in Ottawa, Canada. He has been nothing but exceptional every time I’ve watched him perform. Despite what you said, I found him very &quot;engaging&quot; and the Canadian audience loves him. Mr. Chong has great potential to become a successful comedian because his charisma, energy and enthusiasm cannot be undermined.

    I hope you get a chance to come to Canada and watch him here. Perhaps you would appreciate his act more in an environment were comedic talent is fostered.

    Again, you have a very nice website and I wish you the best of luck with it


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