Greed – Liar

Backstabbing brings you into another world
Stab and stab again
I’ve made up many insults to hurl
Cos’ I have many reputations I must stain
If there’s a rumour which you have just read
It’s big news because I helped it spread

So let’s fake it
Let’s make up something
Come on let’s all cheat
Let’s be misleading

Dare you call me liar
Your pants will burst in fire
Dare you call me liar
You tell falsehoods for hire

Although I would like a world of truth
It helps me to appreciate them who won’t be boss
But my friend, I’d rephrase my words to soothe
If I could make feelings to be for my cause
The only reason I’m pissed
Is I’m not as good as I was


All lies and I feel like I’m honest for the very first line
Told lies, my wrongdoings are covered up – the blame’s not mine (X2)

Chorus (X2)

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