If You’re From Above – Lucifer Modest

If you’re from above
And you gave me all your love
Would that convert me
And if all that you knew
Isn’t just about a few
Would you die to me
Hanging painfully

So who you wanna heal
Make friends with those who steal
Don’t you know you’re sharing with cheaters your meal
Show me who are you now cos’ I can’t picture you
And you refused to even play around or fool
You said that we could stay up there like eternally
(See that’s what you told me, that’s what you said)
And up there you rule
Over the whole wide kingdom, wow that’s cool
If you really are from above


You said you were his son
And you’ve never had some fun
And before you are done, you’re on the run
Since you’re positive, the mob you will forgive
That’s what I call true love – they get on your nerve, yeah
I know you were being persecuted
And you were not supported
(You were being muted and your teachings silenced)
So before you rise tears come to my eyes
You did this for our lies
Who could live your life but you

Chorus (X2)

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