3 Marks Down – Much Despair

I took a load of what was free whatever I could find
I left my wallet lying somewhere the branded fake kind
I watched prices when they shrink in size or balloon
I feel I’ll go on a splurge soon

I watched people collect, plug-and-play and connect
I became green, jealous, envious of elite few select
One’s not sufficient therefore I bought the rest
Don’t know its use but I know it’s the best

Yes I am crazy, your success is more than I can bear
If you beat me that’s unacceptable that’s my nightmare
One failure is too much so I’ll jump from up there
I can’t take much despair

Subjects I’m strong, subjects I’m weak
But still with teachers I would plead
If they don’t add marks then I think I will get a nosebleed
Paid big bucks to see papers leak
I’m not honest, I have copied
I must not lose, I have to be in the lead

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