Tal Cokeman – I’m So High

No blood flesh nor bone
My skin is a pale tone
I suffer my pain alone
Yet I feel like I’m happy
From vapours sniffed nasally
Maybe I’m just dizzy
Impure speed makes me thirsty

‘Cos I’m so high
High on poppy
I’m so drowsy
I’m so high
On barbiturates
And sulphates
Or who hates
Dream states
I’m so high

First they gave it for free
Then they charged me money
I paid or I would go crazy
Why can’t a drug addict
Get a job and keep it
I hope that they won’t evict
Please don’t force us to exit


I pop amyl nitrite
I’m hooked, I cannot quit
Those pretty hues are really neat
And somehow I can’t defeat
The calling of the next hit
The white packets I’ve lit
Freebasing gives me a fit


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