Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft Amrita Soon & Paolo Delfino / April 2014 Edition

8th April 2014: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft Amrita Soon & Paolo Delfino / April 2014 Edition!

Fariz Salleh.

Fariz’s cool pedal, taking some design motifs from Back To The Future!

Basil Foo.

Chelsia Ng spotted assembling a Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon.


He too has a shiny new toy – a harmonizer!

William & Muhaimin.

Flying Pan.

With Jyo on keyboard – soon to be an ever-rotating slot.

The crowd.

Jyo then performed an acoustic cover of System Of A Down – Aerials, with Raja Farouque on guitar.

Raja Farouque performed next, with his Celtic composition, very technical and acoustic shredder, with a decent bulk of keyboard work, covered by Lor Phaik Sim.

Grace Cho took the keyboard then, to sing Karen O & Ezra Koenig – The Moon Song with Raja Farouque.

He took a more sedentary position.

Amrita Soon, first featured act.

Paolo Delfino, second featured act. Ian Tai is seen here soloing on kazoo.

Fuzzy. Love his voice, and his old soul.

Aiman & Eugene.

They did a cover of Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum well.

Sometimes I don’t know if to mention who did what cover since I don’t know all these modern songs that people cover, since I don’t listen to radio.

Clara Cheong beckons me to take her picture yet again!



Cool Johor flag!

Her friends came to bootleg her.

As for that bluish tint? It was this portable light, at a cooler temperature than the tungsten lights that shone from above.

More Clara, this time with Narmi.

Ashley Chan with Raja Farouque and Ryan Gomes (not pictured).


Reza Salleh.

Reza then plays with Fariz’s ornate guitar.

In case you haven’t figured it out, they are brothers, and people tend to mistake one for the other. This can be exploited to comedic effect.

Jessica, guitar bearer.

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