7 Buskers In 1 Day

12th April 2014: #BuskStop!

This was the Berjaya Times Square Busk Stop, on the first floor, to the left when you enter from the front. Note the “Photo by Albert Ng” on four of the pictures! It’s been a while since my pictures have been on display anywhere.

Bihzhu was the act of the day. Cool signboard!

Hameer Zawawi, curator of this Busk Stop, talking to the band.

Bihzhu, with a different lineup! Raja Farouque on guitar, and Ryan Gomes on djembe.

The crowd stops by to record. Interesting that the guy is holding a bag from a lingerie store with his fully-covered wife.

Bihzhu has upbeat, uplifting music!

The crowd grew.

I then scurried over to catch Anna Chong, over at the Pavilion Busk Stop, curated by Moonshine Productions.

A big crowd for Anna Chong, who has haunting, emotional, raw music.

Like so.

I then ran over to Fahrenheit 88, for another Busk Stop curated by The Wknd, with Yatai.

I walked towards Lot 10, and passed by these buskers, too!

I took the shuttle bus to KL Sentral (the KL Monorail was closed for the weekend for maintenance, I think) and saw the legendary Meor.

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