Dotters’ Division And Douche Manouche

12th April 2014: Dotters’ Division, at Phat Barrels, Publika!

Yup, this is not the usual lineup.

I’d have to look at the back row!

Here’s Linet, band leader and keyboardist.

Here’s Rebecca, holding the beat.

Sachie Amira, the first import singer, as Melissa was performing with her other band, Crinkle Cut, the same night.

Kevin Wong, on guitar, also filling in for guitar slinger Melissa.

Kevin Theseira, with the lovely glow from his new Asus Padfone 2, filling in on bass for Jie Er, who was playing in another state!

Whatchu looking at?

Linet also sings, sometimes.

Of all the stuff they sang, I enjoyed the most, the slow-fast cover of The Pointer Sisters – Fire (well it sounded like their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s song to me.)

Maybe he does, too.

Kevin gets bombed photographically.

Now I really can’t decide…

…if I like this or the previous one better.

Meanwhile, over at The Bee, Publika, The Lindy KL Swing Dance group swung over after a Swing Out! session at The Square, just outside. I actually went here first, then ran to Phat Barrels on the other end of Publika, and back to this when Dotters’ Division finished, but the sequence of pictures will not indicate this.

It was Douche Manouche!

They play gypsy jazz.

I was expecting to see Raja Farouque on double bass, but I guess not. (He had quit the band.)

Been a while since I’ve seen a slide-in acoustic guitar pickup.

The crowd was dancing all the way up to the stage.

This allowed for very tight closeups, since it would not be so obvious that I was blocking the audience.

Jonathan Khor, who I’ve seen play awesome violin solos with effects pedals!

More dancing!

Thank you bows.

Happy Birthday jam, with many versions.

Later outside, I spotted a new band.

3 ex-housemates and one odd one out.

This marks an unprecendented occurence – I have posted all my gig pictures! There is no gig backlog! I do have a backlog for geeking out, toys, street photography, heritage and activism… but for now, I will savor this minor accomplishment.

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