Pimpage And Linkage 2006

Sorry for the late update, I was busy categorizing every blog entry. Travelling is about my escapades in town, often with conversations with people. If I classify an entry under Jokes, I am trying to make it obvious that it was a joke, parody or was in sarcasm. Lyrics are my modified lyrics from ages go. Poems cover sonnets, poems, and little ditties I wrote. Love is, you know, love. Music is about the many rock gigs I go to, or musical theory geeking, or guitar geeking. Geek is where I get technical, with computers or anything else. Toys cover my many Transformers and other toys (and there are loads more to come). Pictures are for those who tire of my lengthy text. Rants are for negative, angsty banter. And for everything else, there’s General.

Alright, pimpage and linkage time!

1) Mystery Wolf
She kicks ass. Besides taking many hours of sleep from me sometime back in 2003-2005, she also plays guitar and is all-out rock chick with metal in her blood and metal on her skin. I also someday hope to rape the Canon 350D she uses for her photos before she leaves for Perth again. She also introduced me to my current webhost.

2) Cheesie
This pretty lady is pretty cheesy. She has her own religion, so you could call her a Goddess. If her cult told me to put the toilet seat down… I would. She’s funny (and more importantly, cheesy). (Picture pimpage is only because she’d pimp me as well.)

3) Foong Jin
She’s the pretty intellectual-looking librarian chick with the demure charm. She’s got wit and biting logic, and girl power.

4) Joeybear
She has so many pictures and multi-colored text I almost never took the time to read them. Still, the fact that she changed my link and picture, and that my name starts with A, would mean I get a constant stream of linkage from her. Thanks be to this shameless camwhore, who links to many pretty ladies (who I hope, also click on her links. In order.)

5) Cheneille
From angst to alienation and insecurity, she covers such teenage feelings without going gothic and uncomprehensible. But negativity is just a part of her writing which compels, as she is blur-looking as heck in real life.

6) Strizzt
This quiet, almost phantom-like telephasing being rarely ever shows her presence. Yet, we associate her with many big blog things in Malaysia. A post-modernistic poetic way of writing about things (pardon the possible misusage, I am not well-read) makes for very engaging reads about, like Seinfeld says, nothing.

7) Becky
Food, boobs, orgasms, conversations, chicks, parties, sex, and loads of pictures. Oh and a webmistress who looks like Joss Stone. Despite such happening blog entries, one must not be mislead – her entries do carry a lot of weight. (Please don’t kill me for a baaad pun, I still want to meet your chick friends!)

8) Leech
She’s well versed with the subject of stalkers, and makes a most interesting conversationalist ever. Also one of the rare classic-styled camwhores. You want an opinion? Read it anywhere. You want an opinion, fun to read? Read it here.

9) Elaine
Elaine is a riot. She is a camwhore, too, and I dig her posture. She also has the most zany conversation-transcriptions ever, and laugh-out-loud wit. She also influenced her family to camwhore with her. I am not sure if that is a good thing.

10) Hyrza
Okay, so I haven’t been reading her, but she’s linked me for ages and I’ve linked her for ages and she’s changed my link and she gets a paragraph.

11) Doey
Hey man, help Yvonne raise money for her surgery. Buy her T-shirt! It’s got a funky design, I know, because I bought one. She’s a budding writer and a real sweetheart.

12) Reta
Hot hot hot chick. Sot sot sot chick. Reta is cartoony in real-life, despite her seemingly emo posts. A naturally photogenic camwhore who does not employ much tricks to look good. Because she looks good in real life, baby. Plus she leaves kooky comments in blogs. 😀

13) Lex
Ah, Lex, Lex. My long-time blog commentor. She can wake anybody up with her uh… peppy, cheerful voice. Youthful rants are to be found in her blog.

14) Ed
Ed is my long-time geek buddy, and weathered ear. One of the few padawans to have mastered the Rubik’s Cube, CSS, HTML, Firefox and WordPress (okay, so I didn’t teach him Firefox or WordPress). Read him for some dramatic dramatization, because a storm’s brewing.

15) YK
Funny, and a musical dictionary. Also my Transformer-collecting buddy. Blogs about the bitter side of love sometimes, but it’s nothing you’ve never heard in a song. Or have you?

16) Syefri
My rock-gig buddy! He has also tried to get me to buy stuff online. He has a cool afro, and the most cool sayings which may not make sense and may be said just because saying it is damn cool. Like a Jamaican.

17) xen0s
My driving-school buddy! He has turned from a guitar-wielding metalhead to a drumstick-drumming jazz cat. He still hasn’t had any luck with girls. Go give him a click. Because jazz drummers are sexy, yo.

18) Smashpop
My casual-photography buddy! Jason blogs about food, food and food. And then maybe he takes very skilfully cropped, framed, vibrant shots of anything else he sees. At that rate, I guess it’s not a sin for him to be a camwhore too. Because he can make himself look good.

19) Dustyhawk
My miscellaneous-geek buddy! He likes anime and girls. He likes speaking in third person. He likes overly geek-speaking. He is also an otai (old-timer) and you may find fame by joining his Bloggersphere.

20) LIONEL.blogs
The guy, to this day, who introduced me to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It’s the reason why my page appears to load fast; there were no tables used in the HTML! He is also one of those who follow the classical definition of a blogger.

21) The Silent Room
My technical-photography buddy! We geek out with cameras, and make interesting special effects. He’s also an artist who draws his own comic strips, and often has biting, directed, angry entries and yet has constructive criticism in them.

22) DJ Phuturecybersonique
My coding/hardware buddy! We geek out about hardware, programming, music and performing arts among other things. He’s also funny, and I stole the idea of linking everything I could back to to my old posts from him. He also inspired me to code my own blog. He is awesome. He is 1337.

Yeah yeah I know I said 10, but I meant to be generous and pimp/link everybody who linked to my new URL. (As of time of writing anyway.)

P.S. I’ve only not met 2 of them.

And finally, because Michelle says that quoting this would make me look cool:

You’ve officially been PIMPED!

17 thoughts on “Pimpage And Linkage 2006

  1. Laynie Post author

    Wow. I’ve been pimped!! And what’s wrong with influencing my family to be camwhores eh??? Anyway thanks for the paragraph. I think 😛

  2. louyau-mike Post author

    Ha Ha … u like Transformer? That’s something new yet to be discovered from your *placid* exterior man!

  3. smashpOp Post author

    huah! my lumbah is 18 ah!! very ong ah!! u know the gong xi fa cai coming ah.. so chinese say sat fatt ah !!! ong kau kau ah!

    ok too much i better stop. 🙂

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    louyau-mike: Yeah maaan. The last Transformer appeared in my Gundam post, but I’ve been holding back pictures for sometime more appropriate. Click Toys, yo.

  5. Leech Post author

    WAh, I made it to the top 10!! :]
    Thankies Albert, I know lots about stalkers. Sadly they are not handsome and rich and look anything like Hugh Jackman! Poor me!!


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