Generally January One

I am braindead and so I present to you pictures. Serious. I will blog about the Police Rights workshop I attended soon. I will blog about many things. But first, pictures, because that side of my brain was still working.

Assembly Point – where it’s legal to have an assembly, because there is a sign!

Man, those are some stoned monkeys.

I took a cab to Robson Heights, and ended up on the wrong side, but I stopped here to take pictures anyway. Thank goodness for that diversion, or else I would be feeding mosquitoes in LostGenSpace, where the workshop was held.

Waterfalls are captured with long exposures and small apertures, e.g. 15 seconds and F8. A tripod, or in this case, a rock, was used to stabilize the picture. I also used my circular-linear-wannabe-neutral-density filter to prevent it from being overexposed.

Photoshop was then used to counter the blue tint of my not-so-neutral density filter. (Neutral meaning it does not change the color of the picture.)

I know not the meaning, but I want the good luck it is supposed to bring. Now to buy 4D.

The polarizers also come in handy; you’d otherwise see huge white reflections in the pond.

They reach dry land where they bask and stone.

Man, time goes by so fast these days, eh young snapper?

Check out the rock-hard shell. It even looks like a rock! Oh wait, it’s a rock. Toadally.

Basking outdoors. He is, technically, outdoors anyway.

Thus began the walk up the hilly roads of Robson Heights.

To a spooky looking bungalow where I would be mosquito feed again.

I met Lainie there. For lunch break I walked alone as she was engrossed in deep, headache-inducing conversation.

I walked past the legendary Brickfields Police Station, where the hardcore-punk-mistaken-as-black-metal kids were taken to on New Year’s Eve. The workshop taught us how to deal with police and what our rights were. These people weren’t given their rights, yo.

I landed in Nagas, this fancy-looking mamak opposite the police station.

The tandoori chicken was like no other. Fluffy, fresh chicken and naan bread. Mmm. The next time I’m hungry in KL Sentral, I will walk here.

It is said that teh tarik should not be consumed from a glass.

Take it straight from the source, yo. (I’m not dissing teh tarik; I love it, but I can’t have too much of it.)

A drunk fan was spotted opposite the police station! (Note the Chivas Regal bottle in an open box.)

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  1. Chapree Da Grande Post author

    OMG it’s a drunk fan!
    Kids, dun feed your fans with Chivas Regal. It’s expensive…you should drink it. Not the fan!

    You don’t want your fan acting like Bender the next day…


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