Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

…is a classic. Superb gags, inside jokes, references to other movies, very clever puns, Simpsons-like text that only appears on-screen for a split second, cute bunnies, perfect comic timing (and expression, especially on Gromit’s face) make this a movie I’d watch again and again.

I hereby steal from IMDB’s quotes from the movie:

Lord Victor Quartermaine: [Quartermaine’s hairpiece has been sucked up in the bunvacc] I want…
[lowers voice]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: …toupee.
Wallace: Oh, yes, of course. We take cheques or cash.
Lord Victor Quartermaine: No, you idiot. My hair is in there.
Wallace: Oh, no, only rabbits in there. I think you’ll find the hare is a much larger creature.

I initially watched it intending to analyze the stop-motion technique, but the storyline was so compelling that I just watched it as it was.

And for those who like cheese, well, this movie is full of it. Wallace’s bookshelf, for example, has “Brie Encounter

15 thoughts on “Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

  1. Laynie Post author

    YES IT IS!!! It’s SOOOO FUNNY. My big sis and I were in stitches, especially when we saw the magazine the priest (forgot his position) was reading–heh heh heh.

    And what stop motion project? Sounds interesting!!! Let me know if you need a sculptor. My siblings and I used to make imitations of everyday objects out of clay.

  2. Dide Post author

    Dude, why did it come out so damn late here? hehe.. i loved it! it took a while for me to watch it tho, somepeople dont like it. and since it was in november i had exams weih!! but anyway……. you iz sombong.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    *gracefully accepts tongue*

    I will teach you, cyber-red. Wax on, wax off. 😉

    Dide: I am not sombong, we have bad timing.

    Laynie: Nun-wrestling!


    As for all of you who wanna help out, where the heck would we do it? I’ll do the Transformers one myself. Besides, I’ve been animating Transformers since 1998. 😛

  4. Glaring Notebook Post author

    I have always, always wanted to do stop-motion. I used to draw animated strips of people running, stickmen fighting and transforming into something else on the edges of textbooks. Part of this desire to animate was satiated in 1999 to 2000, where I ma…

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