Transformers, Deluxe

And now, for a smaller run – my Transformers Prime collection, and other deluxe figures!

Left: Generations Sergeant Kup, right: Prime Sergeant Kup.

I obviously like the Generations mould better.

“Damn kids! Get off my lawn!”

Left to right: Generations Sergeant Kup, Prime Sergeant Kup, Prime Cliffjumper First Edition.

Left: Prime Wheeljack on United Scrapheap, right: Prime Cliffjumper First Edition on Takara Tomy United Wreck-Gar.

That they can ride each other is very cool! Here’s United Scrapheap on Takara Tomy United Wreck-Gar…

…and Takara Tomy United Wreck-Gar on United Scrapheap!

Prime Cliffjumper First Edition, a very handsome muscle car.

It even has a slightly painted rear.

Awesome shadow, too.

Prime Starscream First Edition.

Quite a bit of kibble for the back, but otherwise slender profile.

Generations Autobot Springer. Not a triple-changer, and a bit clunky.

He does have an awesome helicopter mode, though.

Reveal The Shield Special Ops Jazz. My favorite version of Jazz, even beating Alternators Meister (Jazz) because it doesn’t have loose shoulders.

The face is spot on!

Prime Wheeljack.

Also a sexy back.

Not the engineer we knew.

Yes, I love Wheeljack too. Left to right: Unrelated Prime Vehicon, Prime Wheeljack, Generations Wheeljack, Cybertron Downshift, Energon Powerlink Downshift. Due to licensing issues, Transformers often get renamed, to get their proper names back later (in the case of Wheeljack.)

Slightly off topic, but here’s IDW Orion Pax.

First official mould of Orion Pax, and a good one.

Unrelated Takara Tomy Animated Bulkhead.

Left to right: Prime Starscream First Edition, Prime Vehicon, Prime Cliffjumper First Edition, Prime Wheeljack.

Fall Of Cybertron Shockwave.

The cold guardian.

Left to right: Prime Vehicon, Prime Vehicon First Edition. One of the rare cases where the First Edition is weaker in design.

In vehicle mode however the First Edition (on the right) is beefier.

First Edition. With clunky shoulder transformation.

Not first edition. Like a cockroach-inspired drone.

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