Transformers: Triple-Changers And Dinosaurs!

First up, my darling theropods. From left: Energon Grimlock, Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Dinobot, Classics Grimlock. Dinobot is the odd one out, being a velociraptor instead of a tyrannosaurus rex.

Clockwise from front-right: Classics Grimlock, Energon Grimlock, Energon Swoop, Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Dinobot.

Energon Grimlock and Energon Swoop combine to form Energon Mega-Dinobot, a rare and clunky two-figure combiner. Here he is in scale to Hasbro Masterpiece Soundwave and Hasbro Fall Of Cybertron Bruticus Generation 2 in the background.

I’d forgotten to put this in the previous blog entry about combiners. This is Reveal The Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime with Make Toys Battle Tanker add-on. Not mine – belongs to Amir, a colleague of mine.

This, too. Star Wars Transformers Millenium Falcon (who becomes a Space Balls-like Han Solo and Chewbacca) on the right, and Takara Tomy Reissue Unicron (Amir’s) on the left, without the plates that make him a spherical planet.

Another one I forgot – headshots of the Robots In Disguise Build Team peeking out.

Another – TFC Hercules, in his vehicle form, minus TFC Exgraver not-Scavenger. Amir’s as well.

Knock-off Fansproject City Commander…

…an add-on for Classics Optimus Prime.

Yeah, I quite miss the old office. Left to right: Chuck, the yellow Angry Bird, best of the original; Energon Powerlink Tow-Line, Energon Powerlink Prowl, Energon Powerlink Rodimus, Energon Powerlink Inferno, Energon Powerlink Energon Hot Shot, Energon Powerlink Downshift, Generations Wheeljack, Prime Wheeljack, Cybertron Downshift, Robots In Disguise Grimlock, Robots In Disguise Hightower, Robots In Disguise Heavy Load, Robots In Disguise Wedge, Takara Tomy United Wreck-Gar, Alternators Ravage, Alternators Mirage, Alternators Decepticon Rumble, Alternators Grimlock, Alternators Hound. Whew!

Now that all that is out of the way, here come some triple-changers! Clockwise from front-right: Classics Bumblebee, Classics Astrotrain, Classics Tankor (Octane), Fansproject Warcry. Bumblebee is not a triple-changer. Warcry technically is a quadruple-changer since he can become an arm or leg… but he doesn’t have the parts.

Either triple-changers or quadruple-changers here. From front-right: Generations Springer, Fall Of Cybertron Onslaught, Fall Of Cybertron Swindle, Fall Of Cybertron Brawl, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #17 Blitzwing, Animated Blitzwing, Generations Blitzwing, Fall Of Cybertron Soundwave. Soundwave can take an unofficial form as a boombox, just like in the game!

I break the above rule for these aerial fighters.

From left to right, front row: Fall Of Cybertron Vortex, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #17 Blitzwing, Takara Tomy Prime Arms Micron Vehicon General, Fall Of Cybertron Blast Off.

From left to right, middle row: Generations Springer, Generations Blitzwing, Animated Blitzwing.

From left to right, back row: Transformers Star Wars Millenium Falcon (Hans Solo and Chewbacca), Hasbro Masterpiece Thundercracker.

Generations Blitzwing has a very customizable form, once you get past the weak shoulders and hard-to-flip face-swap mechanism, both of which can be fixed with a bit of hacking – look it up on YouTube.

The standard jet form, from the back.

A War For Cybertron-styled custom transformation.

His default face is the best-looking.

He was born to spar with Generations Springer, who has the best frame I’ve ever seen in a Transformer.

His athletic look has prompted many a colleague, who’d just pass by and ignore the Transformers, to genuinely ask: How much is this one?

He also has a custom fourth form – gerwalk mode!

His lesser-liked helicopter mode.

Still, I have the most Blitzwings. In fact, I have all triple-changing Blitzwings there ever were! Left to right: Animated Blitzwing, Generations Blitzwing, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #17 Blitzwing.

The face-swap gimmick I spoke of first showed up in Animated Blitzwing, himself an awesome figure with great articulation. You’d roll a dial on the back of his head to turn his face around inside its helmet.

All the triple-changers I can remember, in road-worthy form. From front-right: Generations Springer, Fansproject Warbot, Transmetal Airazor, Transmetal Tarantulas (as a motorbike, not obvious), Classics Tankor, Classics Astrotrain, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #11 Astrotrain, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #17 Blitzwing, Animated Blitzwing, Generations Blitzwing.

Same as above, just in aerial form, except Transmetal Tarantulas, who has become a tarantula.

Again, as robots.

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