Transformers Combine!

I also have a thing for Transformers that combine and merge into what is unofficially known as a gestalt – a larger robot made of smaller robots who transform themselves. This is Fall Of Cybertron Bruticus Generation 2!

A key thing about combiner teams is that the members must be able to transform between two modes as well, and a third mode which is as a part of the combiner. There are some combiners that have drones that are only in vehicle mode and don’t transform into robots. I don’t consider those worth collecting.

Another plus point is when they have a fourth mode – usually only applying to figures that are usually arms but can become legs, or legs that can become arms. The center torso guy doesn’t have a fourth mode.

There are also third-party combiner figures. This is Fansproject Warcry. I didn’t do my research before buying – this did not come with the extra parts needed to merge with Energon Bruticus!

He is supposed to be an Energon Bruticus-compatible version of Swindle. Here’s Generation 2 Swindle on the left.

Here are a whole lot of white space shuttles. Clockwise from top-right: Fansproject Flameblast, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #11 Astrotrain, Generation 2 Blast Off, Classics Astrotrain. Although I have Energon Powerlink Jetfire, I’ve omitted him from this picture.

From left: Generation 2 Blast Off, Fansproject Flameblast, Takara Tranformers Collection Re-Issue #11 Astrotrain, Classics Astrotrain.

Astrotrain is a triple-changer, but I’ll leave the triple-changing collection to be blogged later.

Flameblast is supposed to be an Energon Bruticus-compatible version of Blast Off, also regrettably missing the extra parts. What I really should have got was the Fansproject Munitioner and Explorer two-pack.

Clockwise from front-right: Energon Sledge, Fansproject Flameblast, Fansproject Warcry, Energon Duststorm, Energon Kickback, Energon Barricade, Energon Stormcloud. I initially collected these Decepticon combiners (before the Fansproject guys) to form a Decepticon gestalt; they were from the Energon Constructicon Maximus and Energon Bruticus Maximus sets. The Energon combiners got lazy – there are only 3 unique molds for 5 characters, with two pairs of twins in different colors, and one unique torso figure. I didn’t buy double, but I skipped Energon Steamhammer, the torso figure for Energon Constructicon Maximus, thus making 5 figures exactly.

I did however buy the full set of Energon Superion Maximus, all in separate boxes. Nope, I don’t keep any Transformers MISB (Mint In Sealed Box).

One such combination! I could reuse Kickback’s foot for Fansproject Warcry.

This time, with Energon Sky Shadow as the left leg and Energon Windrazor as the left arm. You can also spot TFC Madblender not-Mixmaster in the back, and Robots In Disguise Landfill (as the Build Team).

TFC Hercules not-Devastator and THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy (Optimus Prime). Both are not mine, but Amir’s, a colleague of mine.

This has got to be one of the handsomest of the third-party Devastators to storm the market.

Size comparison from left to right: Fansproject Protector not-Rodimus Prime-add-on’s not-Offshoot, Reveal The Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime with Make Toys Battle Tanker add-on, War Machine, Energon Powerlink Downshift on Energon Powerlink Rodimus, Classics Hot Rod with Fansproject Protector add-on, Robots In Disguise Landfill, and part of TFC Hercules. Mine? The Powerlink pair and Landfill; the rest belong to Amir.

Powerlink pairs are interesting; they have four forms – robot, vehicle, upper body, and lower body. Please pardon my laziness to omit the medicine and notes from the picture.

Clockwise from front-right: Energon Powerlink Inferno, Energon Powerlink Downshift (who should be named Wheeljack), Energon Powerlink Prowl (who should be named Mirage), Energon Powerlink Tow-Line, Energon Powerlink Energon Hot Shot (The extra Energon in its name implies that it is the silver recolor – sad that I could not find the first version, as each other figure is the first version.)

Classics Hot Rod with Fansproject Protector add-on. Pardon the lack of foresight on the shallow depth of field.

Robots In Disguise Landfill is amazing. He’s made out of just four parts; three of which can cycle between being both arms, the left leg, and the right leg. The chest plate and head is made from Wedge, the center guy. Everything else clips on. Ugly, but quite innovative for its time.

A knock-off Fansproject City Commander add-on for Classics Optimus Prime, and THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy (Optimus Prime) riding on his shoulders.

Classics Hot Rod with Fansproject Protector add-on in the back, and Takara United Optimus Prime in front.

A regrettably blurry shot. From left: Fansproject Flameblast, Prime Wheeljack riding Takara Tomy United Wreck-Gar, Deluxe Barricade with Frenzy (from the first Michael Bay movie), Robots In Disguise Landfill, and yet another Energon combiner with Aerialbots for arms and Decepticons from different combiner teams for legs.

And now, on to the latest darling of the third-party series – Fansproject M3 not-Menasor!

Amazing articulation and component reuse!

His sword stows away on his back. The rails on the back are optional, to give him a skyscraper-ish form.

Fully articulated fingers and arms let him reach for his sword.

The torso is Diesel not-Motormaster. Love his head sculpt!

He can load up on all his extra bits, usually used to form the gestalt, like this. Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime is in the background (the one based on Takara Tomy MP-10).

Here the not-Stunticon team is, in scale to Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime, and Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-12 Sideswipe and Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-17 Prowl. Diesel cannot turn corners while Optimus has the articulation to.

Not-Stunticon team. From left to right:
– CA-10 T-Bone not-Wildrider
– CA-09 Car-Crash not-Breakdown
– CA-13 Diesel not-Motormaster
– CA-11 Down Force not-Drag Strip
– CA-12 Last Chance not-Dead End

Some sacrifices had to be made to allow for full articulation. The legs go on calf braces that connect to feet (as opposed to being formed entirely from the leg figure.) Same goes for the arms. The ultimate goal would be to not use any extra parts, like Fall Of Cybertron Bruticus!

Those are, at the moment, two goals that nobody has achieved just yet. Either you get a handsome combined mode at the expense of extra parts, or a frigid combined mode with no extra parts.

Also note that the arms and legs have been swapped. When a combiner can do this, it is said to have Scramble Power.

These pictures aren’t my full collection – I’ve got Generation 2 Aerialbots that I won’t take out, since Slingshot’s head broke (as is with all gold-colored plastic) and his head functions as the connector. I’ve also got Beast Wars Magnaboss, a three-figure combiner, that I’d have to dig up, too.

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