Every Man’s Dream

I dreamt that I was at TGI Friday’s at The Curve on Valentine’s Day 2006, and I had a few drinks and a big sundae with THE hothothot Hannah Sarah Tan. Then nosy cameramen from NTV7 poked their noses at us.

I never had such a vivid dream, complete with blinding sunlamps and three people seated (I assume they were producers who set us up.) It felt SO real, so intense.

If my dreams were any indicator of my future, I reckon that I’d appear on TV at NTV7, 12:15am (technically) February 14th 2006. Which means you set a phone reminder on 11:45pm February 13th 2006 so you have half an hour to get home and find a TV set. So if I already met Hannah Sarah Tan at the start of V-Day, I cannot imagine how much better the day can go. (I was rudely awakened.)

15 thoughts on “Every Man’s Dream

  1. Lex Post author

    ehh… u going to be on serena’s show… bwhahahaha.. lucky bastard! oi, you join the contest is it? fulamak

  2. Ashrufzz Post author

    Damn..I’m watching TGI Fridays here while typing this..Who’s the girl feeding you ice cream huh?? hehehe

  3. Ann Post author

    Hannah looks more mature than before. Didnt c her for years already. Hehee… Feel so proud to be her ex-classmate…


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