What word comes before Enlargement?

Fill in the blank space:

_______ Enlargement

What word comes before Enlargement?” has been my MSN nickname for a while already, to garner responses.

Girls mostly thought “breast” while guys thought “penis“.

However, it’s called breast enhancement (less crude-sounding) whereas guys like them large.

I was filling up a form, when I saw the word Enlargement there. Without looking at the word to its left, I already assumed that it was Penis. Not that I ever needed enlargement, thank you, but I get it so much in spam that it becomes etched in your brain.

I had a point, and it wasn’t that we all needed enlargement; it was that spam was so prevalent, we’d actually associate a word to a phrase we’ve read!

8 thoughts on “What word comes before Enlargement?

  1. Jaymee Post author

    When I first saw the nick, I thought like this:

    "Firstly, we must assume that this is a process. Thus, there must be an existing condition, or a process that precedes this one.

    Conditions that would lead to enlargement would depend on the reasons for enlargement. Therefore, it would be either "small" (thus requiring enlargement) or "normal" (an assumed condition of normality, with the assumption that enlargement would abnormalize it).

    Preceding processes would indicate an order of words. Kind of like numbers. I got the feeling you were looking more in terms of grammatical compound nouns.

    There are a few nouns which could be used to precede ‘enlargement’ and still make sense."

    I stopped right there because I unfortunately couldn’t think of any other word than "penis" to precede it. It’s just so logical.


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