The Waiting Room

I’ve been changing skins again. The latest would be The Waiting Room. This has to be my most designer-like trend-following skin yet. Before this it was the Blueprint.

I always wanted to make a skin that was based on any of my failed Quake/Half-Life maps but never got to… until now. It’s a case of having assignments due wayyy ahead. Heck I even handed in an assignment a month early, not knowing the real submission date! (I took it back after finding out how many mistakes there were in the rush job.)

The textures are default Half-Life (thank you Valve for making such pretty textures) and the map was constructed using QuArK. Yes, you can actually click on the items! The relevance of each item to its link is doubtful, though. 😛

8a1 16g2 16d3 16#d3 8e3 8a2 8g2 8e2…

I feel darned proud for figuring out how to convert bass guitar tabs into Nokia ringtones! I don’t even know how to play a guitar, much less a bass one, but after a Google search, I took a crash course in it and figured out my first – Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Walkabout! I assure you this is as catchy as bass lines go.

I’m sorry Ericsson users – the more complex bass lines use three octaves. Ericsson phones only support two octaves. Dunno about the others though… 😛

Now to irritate people!

Me: (Pretending to receive a phone call while testing the ringtone…)
Me: Hello? Hello? Hey you’re (still) breaking up, I can’t hear you!
Me: (Looks shocked and stares at phone…)

Repeat as necessary until battery is drained, or physically reprimanded. 😉

Now to serious stuff.

My online (and recently real-life) friend Icegurl passed away from a terminal illness. She was a well-known Xfresher in the forums and chatroom. While I can’t drop a tear for her just yet, a lot of people have. Then there’s the sensitivity backlash from strangers who suddenly had something to say about her. I pity those who did know her well, because they got lumped inside this category. It’s so easy to confuse these groups and call people opportunists that it’s best not to pass judgement.

Death is already sad enough. Like I said in the last blog post, certain types of suicide are not good and a waste. Of course, I’ve never had suicidal tendencies, so I can’t say that all forms of suicide are completely stupid. I can only say that if you have to eliminate something or someone, let it be your obstacle.

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