Down With The Sickness

Warning: Grossness ahead.

I’m sick. (Physically.) My absence can be accounted for by my green-colored flu and fever. Green is an indication of its severity.

I’m online just to clear my spam. I wish it was as easy to clear my bronchial tract. 🙁


I’ve been sleeping, or in a state of half-asleepness wheezing away. Seems it was time I repaid my sleep debt of 2 years with 4 hours of sleep or less. Oddly, my eyebags became darker. Well, at least I got a cool square mohawk.

Aww nuts.

I’ve always had a weak nose. I don’t have asthma, weirdly, but I’m nasally sensitive. Heck as of last year my nose started clogging up almost immediately after taking peanuts! Sad. 🙁 I remember those nights couch potato-ing with my uncle, groundnuts on the table and trashcan beside. You know how it is – you can’t stop till it’s gone. Bonus points for triple or quadruple nuttage. Ah, those were the days.

My uncle also used to cloud his room with cigarette smoke. The effects on me would be an icky white coating on my tongue. Even though his door was closed, the ventilation holes leaked the fumes. Yech. I wonder what Singapore must smell like, having banned cigarettes. I wonder what pubs and nightspots there smell like, minus the toxicity. Does it just reek of (bearable) piss-smelling beer or do the authorities not care and let the patrons fag away? None of my friends are old enough – you have to be at least 25 years old to enter! Ironically, by then, most other people in other countries would have outgrown their clubbing stage.

Pills pills pills

I hate pills. I can’t swallow them. Try as I may, I can’t voluntarily invoke the involuntary reflex. Crunch! That’s the only way; in, down, powderily. Eww. It tastes like aircraft model glue! (Not that I’ve tasted it; I’ve only smelt it but I guess this would be what it would taste like…)

Well, at least you know I won’t become a pill-popping junkie. Or a needle’s resting place. Or a tar-lined-lung chain smoker.

11 thoughts on “Down With The Sickness

  1. Shimmer Addiction Post author

    I like blue but anyway i can’t swallow pills either. No matter how hard i try. Try biting into garlic tablets or one of those alfalfa green shit my mum would feed me with. Literally eating grass. The trophy would have to go to the evening primrose oil capsule, without a doubt. That one scarred me for life.

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