Ramps In Spirals

I have made myself productive. Sort of. I still haven’t finished my assignments. 🙁

I made myself some Quake 3 Arena maps. (You know, that 3D first-person shooter computer game?) The first order of the day was to make curved surfaces or beziers, in QuArK. Making beziers are fun – it’s a face with 3×3 points! Just drag the points around to make a curve.

Shots of both q3albdm1 and q3albdm2 meshed together (q3albdm12.gif, 3454 bytes)

The first map I made was a weird hilly place, thus christened q3albdm1. Besides the corner support beams, everything else was a curve! Lagging coolness! It had bumps and humps and valleys and pits, and it was quite symmetrical. Heck all my Quake 3 maps so far are symmetrical.

The second map is going to be the killer one, a sphere with jump pads. Air-control freaks will enjoy trying to catch railguns in the air!

Now here comes the finished one, reaching in third place. It only has one bug, and that is that you have to set “Pure Server” to off. You can click on my Models page to download it, or click on the same picture below:

q3albdm3 (q3albdm3.jpg, 10640 bytes)
Click here to download q3albdm3! (149 KB)

It’s a simple map made out of ramps that has no curved textures and would look and play as well in Quake 1 or 2. Turn on the bots and it’s immense fun, though! 🙂

Which reminds me – Bonecrusher has also been linked properly. It’s still unfinished and he’s still borrowing Air Raid‘s weapon. 😛

The files come in ZIP format. If it’s wise to prepare an umbrella before it rains, then you should install WinZip before you download files! 😉

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