Linkage and Post-pillage

Allergic Hand, allergichand.jpg (4458 bytes)
My spotted hand

Hey. It’s me again. Yes, the lethargic one. Remember last fortnight when I was down with the sickness? Anyway, I’ve got spots. Pink itchy ones. Dangit. It’s not contagious though. Upon meeting a doctor he said I either had a virus or an allergic reaction. Most likely to the previous antibiotics. Well, at least I have an excuse not to eat those white airplane-glue-tasting pills!

The cure? Two different types of pills. I took the pink one (which thank goodness was only 2 milligrams but is supposed to make me drowsy.) I’m still waiting to get knocked out. It’s been 3 hours now…

Oh, in the meantime I’ve added lots of links and removed those dead ones. Some of them may still have URLs but never seem to update. If you’re wondering what happened to all those tiny rhymes that described each linkee’s website, I took them off. Blame yunnermeier for that – I stumbled into linker’s block! So I gave up and just gave everybody links without descriptions. Now, the only thing that will make your site more clicked on would be your title. If your title’s not attractive enough, too bad! (Notice how I gave yunnermeier a head start – twice?)

Oh yeah and here’s another front page link for Caryna, who’s been bringing me lots of hits lately. 🙂


I’ve also added anti-spam-bot-searcher code. Notice how the email links haven’t got the mailto: format? It’s a custom script to (hopefully) thwart bots which crawl this site for email address to spam. Check this out DJ Cybersonique!

P.S. Could somebody read my palm please? Tell me what my future holds, or at least whether I’ll have to take more pills!

5 thoughts on “Linkage and Post-pillage

  1. PY Post author

    Albert, with or without your permission…..bwahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahhahahahahaha dude ur a funny guy! teaches you not to have an itchy hand!


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