Troubadours KL, No Black Tie(s)

15th January 2006 was the second and last time I’d ever step into the new No Black Tie (the first was for Moonshine KL). The authorities then decided to revoke the license. Argh!

I just realized who Jerome Kugan sounded like. Stephen Morrissey. His unique clean, glass-like voice and vocal inflections reminded me of the great satirist songwriter. I was listening to Black Smiths – How Sweet Is Leaf and realized that it sounded very familiar. Research followed, and I found out that it was from The Smiths – How Soon Is Now. You may recognize it, covered by Love Spit Love, as the Charmed theme song.

Deserters featured Izuan Shah of Auburn and Kawalski (I think.) I’d have to say I prefered Izuan’s alternative rock stuff to this more straight folky stuff.

Keng, from Furniture, was a good ol’ rock and roll superstar here, with Azmyl Yunor‘s rarely ever seen band. He had the bluesy rock licks, the desirable red Gibson SG, and loads of stage time to let loose, gazing at the fretboard instead of his shoes.

It was also Azmyl’s birthday.

Broken Scar sees the light.

His brother backs up on major key acoustic goodness.

Shahril of Sofa Sessionists has just one bass tone; dancy. Ariff squeezes my soul everytime he does a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover. 😀

Eu Seng and his band…

…the enveloping void of darkness. I can’t decide which picture better depicts the lonely melancholy of his haunting songs.

Zack Tay Yee Meng pops on stage for an open mike. As always, his Taylor glows on stage.

Finally, our favorite underground scene defender and jail-bailer, Rafil of 360 Degree Head Rotation and Panda Head Curry ends the show.

The next Troubadours will be at KL Performing Arts Center this Sunday! Head on down for a heck of a scenic view.

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